3 Things to Consider Before Bringing Home a Miniature Cat

Cats that are noticeably smaller than regular felines but are still in proportion are known as “Miniature cats”. The most petite cats of a specific breed are chosen for breeding to produce their miniature offspring. While they were pretty rare a few decades ago, they have become trendy in a relatively short span.

Today more and more prospective cat owners are looking for miniature cat breeds. Mini, micro, and ultra-micro are just terms used to describe the various degrees of miniaturization. Regardless of the size of the feline, if you consider adopting such a cat, make sure you take care of it delicately. The furry little one will require all its basic needs met, including medical care when needed.

Pet insurance for cats helps support your tiny furball with timely health care during distressing health situations and emergencies. Contemplate buying cheap pet insurance, so your munchkin has a medical backup and is not let down in dire health circumstances due to economic reasons. In the meantime, read this article to learn what to consider before bringing home a miniature cat.

  1. Mini cats are pretty popular because these cuties are easy to carry in pockets and handbags and look like little dolls. This is the main reason why many breeders falsely advertise malnourished young kittens and runts as miniature varieties and sell them for huge profits. There are many instances where some breeders conveniently try to pass off an ordinary yet petite cat as a mini cat, so ask the right questions when you contact miniature cat sellers.
  2. Unfortunately, many of these kittens often have severe health problems and purchasing them only supports inhumane cat breeding. Some of the most common medical conditions miniature cats suffer from are soft bones due to growth retardation, body weakness because of reduced rate of muscular development, heart enlargement and heart murmur issues, neurological conditions, seizures, bone and jaw troubles, and short life span.
  3. Suppose you decide to buy a mini cat, then be wary of scams and consider purchasing from a breeder who limits the number of litters in the best interests of the queen cat’s health. Request a health certificate and documents supporting the claim that the mini cat is free from genetic defects.

Instead of shopping for a miniature kitty cat, consider contacting local cat shelters and people within foster networks to hopefully find a variety of feline breeds you are interested in. Adopting can always be better than buying because you will be saving a furry precious’s life and discouraging inhumane breeding activity simultaneously.

Irrespective of the reason for buying a miniature cat, know that you can count on your furball’s love, company, and smile. Provide it with all the love, care, and affection in the world and don’t ignore the health aspects.

However tiny your furball is, it still deserves quality medical care during accidents, injuries, sickness, and emergencies. Consider buying cheap pet insurance, so your feline pet is assured basic health benefits at least. Pet insurance for cats can lower your financial stress during unexpected vet visits, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy for your cat.

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