5 Important Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

One of the essential processes of writing a research paper is data collection and literature review. These processes help develop solid arguments and supporting evidence. Every research paper needs to contain the resources and evidence from past research. These resources and evidence help make a valuable piece of study. The study makes logical reasoning to conclude certain statements. In this way, such studies can prove to be valuable resources and significant addition to the prices of literature. However, there is an excellent chance that a research work may result in plagiarism. Plagiarism in Research Papers is academic violence. It is essential to know about the different ways one can do plagiarism. It will help in combating the challenge.

Plagiarism in Research Papers

Copying or cheating the ideas, opinions and thoughts of other people in the study is plagiarism in research papers. An author can take help from different resources to complete a compelling study. The collection of data must be according to the academic guidelines. The data can be in different formats. For instance, the use of quotes from different scholars must be in double quotation marks.

The proper referencing style needs to cite the scholar’s statement in double quotation marks. Both references that include in-text citations and reference lists must include the references. The author rephrases the original transcript of the scholar’s work in the current study. It will help in making a logical sequence. In this way, the references will develop an authentic argument. Moreover, it will not hinder the flow of the study. Similarly, both the referencing mechanism must be. That includes the in-text citation and making reference lists.

Plagiarism in research papers is considered a serious academic offence. The consequences of plagiarism can lead to retraction of papers and severe damage to the author’s credibility. Therefore, the authors need to develop an understanding of plagiarism.

5 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

In order to achieve higher grades in an academic session, it is essential to ensure complete compliance and understanding of the ways that help avoid plagiarism in research papers. This study consists of five ways to help the writer avoid plagiarism in research papers.

Rephrasing The Content

The flow of the study is an essential part of a compelling study. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the study is based on a logical sequence and flow. Therefore, the use of transcripts from some other research work may cause a hindrance to the smooth flow of the study. Moreover, using original transcripts will lead to a higher level of plagiarism in research papers. Therefore, the writer needs to extract the idea from the original transcript. That idea explains the content and context of the study. It will help to maintain the flow and expression of the study. It is also essential to make proper referencing to the rephrased content.

Quoting Other’s Work

The writer can use sentences from other studies in order to support some arguments. The use of quotes from the other work is not unethical. It is academic ethical violence when quotes are not appropriately referenced. Therefore, the writer needs to reference all the quotes correctly. Moreover, the quotes must be with double quotation marks.

Proper Citation

The author needs first to study and understand the guidelines for the study. The guidelines contain details on formatting, topic, submission and referencing styles. It is essential to follow all the instructions. Moreover, the referencing style must be in accordance with the tutor’s instructions. However, the citation is not essential for facts and common knowledge statements.  

Prepare a Database of References

The writer needs to maintain a list or a database of the references used in the study. The writer can use different software at the end to make a proper citation. These software resources may include Reference Manager or EndNote. The use of vast pieces of literature reflects an authentic piece of study. Therefore the writer needs to use content and references from different books, journals, articles and websites to enhance the credibility. These references are placed at the end of the study with a heading of a reference list. These references must be alphabetically aligned.

Use Digital Resources To Check Plagiarism

The writer can use the digital resources to check the plagiarism before final submission. The most commonly used plagiarism checker is Turnitin software. However, other digital resources help to check plagiarism. These include HelioBLAST, eTBLAST and iThenticate. You can also take help from UK dissertation writing services in this regard.


The writer must ensure that the current research does not have similarities with others in the research work. The writer needs to ensure that the other’s research work is not paraphrased. However, the idea helps conceive and develop thoughts and different ideas from other studies. The writer in the current studies can use the idea to build an argument. The writer needs to ensure that the flow of the study is smooth.

Most of the time, plagiarism is detected in the literature review chapter. The writer must take notes of other pieces of studies. The literature review may base on the ideas on those points. Those points need to be expressed according to the subject matter of the current study. The writer also abides by the language and other expressions of the study. It will help in controlling the amount of plagiarism. It is highly recommended not to use some other’s work in the original context. Any work can be used only to extract or take ideas.


Different strategies can help you use other people’s research in your current work. However, this article guides you in how to avoid plagraism while writing your research. This study also highlighted the academic guidelines for conducting research properly. Moreover, it explains the mechanism to avoid plagiarism in the study.

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