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5 Most Comfortable Haj and Umrah Abayas

Haj season is around the corner and most people look for comfortable wear for this pilgrimage. In order to be at ease, there is nothing better than wearing something that is comfortable and stylish as well. It is very important to have a proper and easy-to-wear haj and Umrah abaya so that you have a proper and comfortable dress to wear for the whole journey. The best place to shop for your abaya essentials is Black Camels. There is a new trend of online shopping all over the world and we have to make sure our audience is all comfortable and set for the journey.

Gone are the days when abayas were considered conservative and someone who is not so educated and liberal dressed like this. However, now that the times have changed, people today are more open to the difference in the opinions and the way people dress. People do not judge you on the basis of your attire anymore. Nevertheless, there is one thing that is still a must and should never go out of fashion comfort. If you are comfortable in your attire, you should never let the comfort go. Particularly if you are embarking on a religious journey like Haj or Umrah, we recommend you get something that you are most comfortable in. The best thing about shopping from the Black Camels is they have an extensive variety of stylish yet comfortable shoes. With the best kind of products available online, they make your overall shopping experience much safer and easier.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for some comfortable haj and umrah abaya, here is a list of some that you must think of investing in.

1) Kaftan Abaya

Well, who says you should be compromising over your style to be comfortable? Being stylish and comfortable is something that we strongly promote and this is why we think getting a Kaftan abaya would up your whole look. They are not only comfortable but they look super cool and amazing too. They are all flowy, loose-fitted, and layered abaya that guarantees maximum comfort. If you think about how it would make you look then you should not be worried about it as it looks pretty extraordinary when you wear it. Kaftan abaya is one of the most comfortable forms of abayas that we think you should think of getting.

2) Butterfly Abaya

This is another form of abaya which has been making waves in the modest fashion world, people are enjoying the perks that come with this flowy and baggy abaya. You must not in any way compromise over how you look in order to accommodate your religion and comfort. You can be all three things when you wear Butterfly abaya, religious, comfortable, and of course stylish too.

We understand selecting a comfortable abaya is no walk in the park, you have various questions in your head about its style or fitting. If it is going to be extra loose or would just fit you right? When we talk about Butterfly Abaya you must not be worried about these things as they fit right into the category of something that is both comfortable and stylish.

3) Moroccan Abaya

While you are at the job of exploring different kinds of abayas that are all comfy and stylish, we would not miss the opportunity of checking out Moroccan Abayas as well. If you are looking for something that is comfortable and can be your regular wear too, then it is best to look for the Moroccan Abaya. It is all everything that you want in an abaya, it is trendy, stylish, and most important very comfortable. You can improve the overall look of the abaya with the right kind of hijab and a belt around the waist. With the good accessories, you can get ready in it if you accessorize it correctly.

4) Efflorescent Abaya

As tough to pronounce as its name is, this is one really trendy and easy to wear abaya which is charmed with all kinds of the embellishments like flowery paste print. While you escort this look with the right kind of hijab, it would just complete the whole look. The design of the abaya while crediting to the pattens of the blooming season improve the whole style of the abaya and the nada fabric further improvises it. When we talk about Saudi abaya, these are the most famous forms of the abayas, and if we discuss comfort here, it is the best abaya while looking for the comfort in abayas. Shopping for abaya online is not very common but if you come across an online place like the Black Camels, you should not give it a second thought.

5) Alate Abaya

The names are different and quite difficult to come across but trust us these abayas are worth all the effort. These are the long abayas with the long sleeves and opening winged style. The best part of these abayas is they fit all the body types. No matter what kind of body you possess, if you have this abaya it is going to look perfect on you. When you surf for a good and comfortable abaya you would come across multiple options online, however, finding the right abaya can be tricky or maybe confusing. Therefore, we suggest you get the Alate abaya and be happy about your choice once you wear it.

When you are out for Haj and Umrah you need to have something that is comfortable and goes with your style the best too. Alate abaya is a good choice in such a case as it is an absolute fit. You would not need to get it trimmed or fixed in order to fit right in. Straight abayas often get irritating and uncomfortable but the flowy and loose abayas are just the right fit and that is what we recommend you to get for your haj and umrah look.

Wrapping up!

Getting a comfortable dress to wear on a long journey like Umrah and Haj is a MUST. We recommend you research first and then choose the abaya that suits your style and comfort the most.

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