Bakery Boxes Customized Designs Options For Your Customer

There are various bakeries in the market, and they are competing with one another. If you have a bakery, you should know about the importance of a bakery box. Remember that packaging has to make a first impression of your bakery in the market. If it goes well, you can increase your customer base and make your bakery successful. There are many packaging designs, and different businesses choose different designs according to their products. Some designs are popular in the market and perform better than others. Here we will let you know some important designs of boxes for bakery products to woo your customers. 

Shapes of a bakery boxes

Following are some important shapes of these boxes. You can use them to win appreciation from your customers. 

Pillow Boxes 

These are versatile boxes that can attract a lot of new customers. Many bakeries use this design to set their products apart from other brands. You can get them in all custom sizes and colors. These box manufacturing materials are eco-friendly kraft, bux board, and corrugated. You can use this box for presenting your bakery items such as chocolates, pastries, and cakes. 

Sleeve or Slipcase Boxes

You can also utilize sleeve or slipcase boxes for your bakery products. These boxes come with a drawer and top cover. There are various customizations for these boxes, such as you can get them in various sizes and colors. Also, you personalize them according to your bakery’s needs and requirements to catch more people’s eyes.

Bag-like Boxes

These are bag-like boxes to package many kinds of bakery items. They are a perfect packaging choice for cakes, pastries, pizzas, and other products. You can get them with various personalized features such as inserts, placeholders, or segments. In addition, their custom printing can enhance their visual appeal to catch more people’s eyes and boost sales. Hence, this is one of the best packaging options for various bakery products.

Gable Boxes

These are specialized boxes that come in the form of a canopy shape. These canopy-shaped boxes come with carrying handles. These boxes have many customizations, such as inserts, die-cut windows, and compartments. Moreover, you can print them with desired content to demonstrate your products and promote your bakery. You can use them to package cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.

Different customization options for a bakery boxes

Following are different customization options for these boxes.

Add die-cut windows 

You must understand that product visibility can lead to increased sales. Die-cut window fronts can help in improving product visibility. They allow people to see what is present inside the box. Therefore, when you are going to customize your wholesale bakery boxes, you should add die-cut windows. They will let people see what you have placed inside them and how you have arranged your products. You can increase the charm of these windows by creating customized shapes. Heart-shaped windows, round, or other shapes can make your packaging more elegant. Hence, adding die-cut windows can be a great design option for these boxes.

Create custom inserts and placeholders 

Different kinds of boxes come with different features according to needs. You can improve the functionality of your custom bakery boxes by adding custom inserts or placeholders. Do you know the benefit of creating these interior features? They will allow you to nicely arrange your baked items such as cookies or pastries. Therefore, you should create customized inserts according to the shape or size of the cookies.

Similarly, you can consider other products while creating these inserts. Boxes with multiple compartments can also allow you to place your products in separate segments. Thus, you can keep them from bumping and present them decently before your customers.

Print relevant content 

You can see that all kinds of product boxes come with product-related content. The benefit of printing this content is to attract target customers and boost sales. Therefore, you should print product-related graphics on your wholesale bakery boxes. They will play an important role in catching the eyes of potential customers. Ultimately, you can escalate your sales. Other printing elements include patterns, artwork, or drawings. For example, line or floral drawing can increase the visual appeal of your product boxes. Patterns and artwork also improve the visual catchiness of these boxes.

Textual details are necessary to describe your products. You should print essential details so customers can know about the packaged product. Similarly, you should provide essential information about your bakery to your customers. Print the logo of your bakery so that people can remember your bakery. Moreover, you can print a brand message to showcase the personality of your bakery. Hence, these details about your brand can take your brand to the heights of popularity. When you are typing details, try to choose stylish fonts. Make sure that they are easily readable for people. Their size should be big enough for people to read them. Hence, consider these things while printing your boxes.

Surface finishing options 

Never underestimate the importance of the visual appeal of your custom bakery boxes. Outstanding visual appeal will help in making your brand memorable for your customers. Therefore, you should utilize different surface finishing options to alter the visual appeal of your boxes. For example, you can consider matte coating to give a diffused outlook, whereas gloss coating can give a shiny appearance. For a luxurious touch, you can consider the use of silver or gold foiling. Thus, your metalized boxes will look impressive in stores. Embossing is another great option to raise text or images against the background. Therefore, you can emboss a brand logo or graphics to represent your products. Hence, you should consider these surface finishing options for increasing the worth of your packaging. It will be eye-catching to attract new customers and enhance your sales.

When you have a business, you should go the extra mile to increase your profitability. When it comes to the bakery business, you should consider the different bakery box design options described here. These designs can help to attract more customers and escalate your sales. Make sure that your packaging is attractive and protective.

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