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Can Kratom Fight Against Stretch Marks Post-Pregnancy?

Appearance matters to all as it is related to one’s self-confidence. In this modern era, especially with the surge of beauty trends in social media, everyone is conscious of their appearance. So, they keep trying all the possible ways which might help them in enhancing their looks. Everyone wants to look and feel the best, starting from a new bride to a new mother. However, sometimes people struggle with stubborn marks and scars, which affects their life.

A serious concern that new mothers face post-pregnancy is developing stretch marks. They are a type of scar which occurs during pregnancy when the skin shrinks or stretches too rapidly. They appear in several body places, such as the abdomen, breasts, stomach, thighs, and hips. Though they are not physically harmful to the individual, they might affect one’s mental peace as they affect their confidence and make them conscious.

There are several natural remedies for curing stretch marks, but using chemical products post-birth isn’t ideal. Therefore, several new mothers prefer using therapies like oil massage and yoga. But, a new organic product in the market may help with the issue. Kratom is known for its relaxing properties but may also come in handy to help with stretch marks. As soon as you know about it, it will not be late before you search “where to buy Kratom on sale.” So, let us proceed further.

How Important Is Body Image For New Mothers?

Pregnancy and its postpartum period are challenging times for new mothers. It is remarkable to them as they experience motherhood but also have to go through several changes, both physical and hormonal, at the same time. These changes include weight gain, saggy muscles, and stretch marks on the hips, stomach, and thighs. Cesarean scars, changes in size and shape of breasts, changes in color and size of nipples, excessive hair loss, and hormonal changes are other issues they struggle with. These changes are responsible for affecting a new mother’s body image.

The self-consciousness is so intense postpartum that mothers show several behavioral changes. Experts say that new mothers are prone to negative self-evaluations due to excessive weight gain from pregnancy. Many new mothers also reported body dissatisfaction owing to obesity and were less likely to maintain breastfeeding behavior. A survey found that postpartum complications such as an imbalance in appetite, urinary incontinence, fluctuating blood sugar levels, vaginal discharge, and others impact body image negatively and cause significant psychological distress, which might lead to postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is also a common thing. It is a mixture of behavioral, physical, and emotional changes after giving birth. Losing control over life, feeling less attractive than before, and struggling with one’s sense of identity contribute to a negative self-image, ultimately leading to postpartum depression, a clinical condition.

Thus, body image is essential for new mothers, and one change occurring during pregnancy that impacts a mother’s self-image excessively is developing stretch marks. So, let’s learn more about the organic substance that may help.

Can Kratom Fight Against Stretch Marks Post-Pregnancy?

Kratom, also called Mitragyna Speciosa, is a naturally growing plant in Indonesia, Thailand, New Guinea, and Malaysia. The leaves or extracts of this plant possess stimulant-like effects. When consumed at lower doses, an ingredient named mitragynine found in its leaves shows energizing effects. Kratom has several strains, including Indo, Maeng Da, Green Malay, Bali, Borneo, Thai, and Malaysian. It is present in several forms, such as capsules, gum, tablets, tinctures, and extracts. Kratom may provide several benefits, such as fighting against stretch marks, alleviating pain, boosting mood, treating depression and anxiety, and so on.

Regarding the use of kratom, people often ask, “does kratom go bad?” and the answer is that it depends on the brand and type of kratom. However, people use it for its various benefits and among all the other benefits, Kratom is preferred by its users, especially new mothers, because it may help fight against stretch marks post-pregnancy. So let’s take a quick peek at its properties.

  • It Possesses Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Stretch marks on the skin cause irritation, which leads to itching. Scratching these areas will further lead to infections making the scar more visible and may also cause wounds. Kratom has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce itchiness and diminish scar. Thus, using Kratom may help irritation, and using it for a long time may also help stretch marks.

  • It Promotes Healthy Skin

Rhamnose and Catechin are alkaloids extensively used in the cosmetic industry and come from various sources. However, Kratom poses both of these chemicals naturally. Rhamnose poses molecules that permit liquids with different solubilities to mix quickly, which means that any Kratom-infused skin care product will have a smooth texture and help reduce stretch marks. Conversely, Catechin enhances Kratom’s utility by fast absorbing bio cosmetics into the skin; this allows the skin to absorb Kratom easily and quickly, thus helping to reduce stretch marks rapidly.

  • It Increases The Production Of Collagen

Collagen is a fibrous protein and healthy insoluble, increasing the skin’s elasticity and strengthening. Rhamnose present in Kratom has sugar molecules that may increase collagen production. Thus, when your body produces enough collagen, your skin can withstand any rapid shrinking or stretching. Hence, reducing the appearance of stretch marks during and post-pregnancy.

Thus, it is clear that premium kratom extract liquid may come in handy to help with stretch marks post-pregnancy. To use it, one can mix Kratom powder with creams and lotions or apply it directly on the skin because it is safe to use, or they might even buy Kratom-infused skincare products from the market online. Also, to get the best results using the Kratom-infused skincare product twice a day is advisable. However, one has to consult a medical expert before using it.


Stretch marks are a natural phenomenon. But they can be disturbing and affect a person’s mental health. Still, one cannot potentially stop their natural occurrence. However, it doesn’t mean that one should not try and get rid of the stubborn marks. The organic compound may be potent enough to help with that. For example, kratom-infused skincare products may make stretch marks less visible and help achieve an even-toned and smooth skin. In addition, Kratom has anti-inflammatory properties, poses rhamnose and Catechin, and produces excessive amounts of collagen, which contributes to Kratom being a favorite among new mothers.

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