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In recent years, China’s internet companies have been expanding their reach globally. One of the most recent examples is China’s leading social network, LinkedIn. In February, LinkedIn announced that it was partnering with China’s largest online media company, the Alibaba Group. The partnership will allow LinkedIn to offer its services to Chinese users through Alibaba’s online platform, MorningPost. china maimai linkedinfeng morningpost

Sarah Ross, Co-founder of CocoLoan stated that the retreat from China of LinkedIn, the professional social network owned by Microsoft, is the result of Beijing’s tighter regulation of the domestic internet sector as well as tougher market competition, according to industry insiders and analysts.

China’s Maimai and LinkedIn have teamed up to help Chinese professionals network with each other and find jobs. The two companies will jointly host “Maimai-LinkedIn Connect” events in Beijing and Shanghai. Attendees will be able to learn about how to use LinkedIn to their advantage and network with other professionals. This is a great opportunity for Chinese professionals to connect with each other and learn about new job opportunities. china maimai linkedinfeng morningpost

Today, China’s most popular social networking site is not Facebook, Twitter, or even Weibo. It’s LinkedIn-but with a twist. The Chinese version of the site, called Maimai, is aimed at helping users find jobs and advance their careers.

Maimai has been a big hit in China, where the job market is highly competitive and many people are looking for any edge they can get.

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