Colin Farrell’s first impression

After watching Robert Pattinson, Colin Farrell recalls his FIRST impression in Batman mode.

In batman mode, Colin Farrell revealed his first reaction to Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit.  In the film, Colin Farrell, the actor who plays the character of Penguin, The Batman, in Batsuit, revealed his first reaction after watching Robert Pattinson.

On Twitter Movies, while answering fan questions, in his bat-suit, Farrell revealed the first time that he saw Pattinson and revealed, why it was a crucial moment.

The actor said stated that in the Batsuit, the first time I saw Rob, it was the first time I saw Batman. I pulled up to the set, we were doing the warehouse scene just before the car chase.”

Revealing, his first reaction to the same. He also; added that I got out of the car in a full Batman costume, full makeup, Ready to shoot, and I looked upon the ceiling. On the roof with Batman, they were just; finishing a shot up, and swear to God: he was peeking down, in the wind, the cape was blowing, he was backlit, he also stated that I could see the cowl, the two ears sticking up. In the morning, it was two o’clock, and I just thought, ‘Oh, my God, there it exists.’ Not exact ‘he,’ but ‘it.'”

The actor further stated that; how the character has so much history relation, and everyone has a different relationship with this character mode and; hence this was cool he maintained that seeing for the first time.

In the Matt Reeves directorial, as the supervillain Oswald, Farrell has been cast Cobblepot-Penguin. As the other lead villain, the film also stars Paul Dano, the Riddler, in the role of Catwoman, whereas Zoe Kravitz; is seen ake Selina Kyle. For more details, snap on the link.

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