Custom T shirt printing – a brilliant way to showcase your style

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE A t shirt is a statement rather than just a piece of clothing. Henceforth, when you wear a t shirt you make a statement about your personality and fashion sense.  You went in store to buy a cool t shirt but found out the t shirt doesn’t fit like you expected it to. Maybe you like the colour but font didn’t make sense in your mind. What’d you do? Probably walkout while wanting to buy the t shirt that you just skipped. Getting a custom t shirt printed in Sydney for your fashion needs or business is easier than ever in fast pace world today. While designing a custom t shirt looks like an easy approach, there are some things you should know before you dive into ordering yourself something that you might end up regretting later.

Be careful of the Sizing:

Sizing is the number one concern when designing your own t shirt. You need to select measurements and sizes that fits you perfectly. If the t shirt is too short it’ll look rather weird. Similarly, a more oversized baggy t shirt will damage your self-respect even more as you look in the mirror. Henceforth, be careful of the sizing when ordering a custom t shirt. You can check sizing and measurement guide given on the relevant website for better context.
Afont that looks on the computer screen might look absurd when printed:

This is the most common issue customers face is not ending up like the font or typography on their custom ordered t shirt. Henceforth you have to be creative between what you like and which font will end up looking good on your custom t shirt.  A simple trick is not to let the font be very bulky and straight-lined, but rather have it spaced and placed on different vertical levels of t shirt. In simple words, font should stand out rather than looking like textual lines. A simple rule is never to use more than 3 kinds for one t-shirt. Let your font be artistic and easily readable in glimpse of an eye.

Logo and Picture positioning makes a huge difference:

If the logo or picture you ended up printing on your custom-shirt is too low or too up, chances are you can’t wear it in front of mirror let alone step outside the house. Henceforth, placement of logo or picture makes a huge difference. A good placement of logo or picture on your t shirt will turn heads over and people will notice. However, if the placement is a bit off, it will turn away the heads rather than turn your way.

Designing is crucial:

While design is subjective to the viewer’s eye, it is necessary to get the right composition so your t shirt stands out. Usually, too spaced out or too clustered print can set the tone off from the t shirt.

Your t shirt and picture both needs to be high resolution:

Let’s say you have designed this perfect graphic t shirt of your choice because of were unable to find one at store or online. Now you need perfect colours when printed on t shirt. The last thing you want is a blurry t shirt, this also implies to logos as well. Henceforth, resolution or image quality is important. Therefore, use the picture which has a high resolution for colour perfection you need.

Colour is most important factor:

Colour leaves the first impression of your t shirt over the people walking around. When you start designing a custom t shirt printing in Sydney, your need to have a specific colour in your mind, henceforth, before even starting, you should have a colour in mind. You can change the tones of same colour when looking at the colour t shirt on website. Another rule for designing your custom t shirt is that amount of colours accounts for more price. In simple words, the more colours you add the more it adds to the cost. Designing a custom t shirt can be a fun experience, especially when it is for yourself or your business. By following this simple guideline, you can design a cool t shirt for yourself.

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