How to Draw Pretty Animals

Draw pretty animals in just 6 easy steps! Everyone loves cute animals, and anyone who says they don’t might be lying! Cute animals come in different shapes and sizes, and everyone has their famous cute critter. If you value demanding creatures as much as most someone, you’ll love this direction! We include not one, not two, but three cute beasts in a guide for you to have fun drawing! At the end of this tutorial, a cute turtle, a rabbit, and a pony are staying for you, so read on! This step-by-step manual on drawing cute beasts will have you meet your pretty animal buddies in no time. Flower Drawing

How To Draw Cute Animals – Let’s Reach Initiated!

Step 1

As we noted before, in this guide on how to draw cute animals, we are going to create three cute creatures. We’ll start with the turtle because this little guy will stand in front of the others. We’ll start simple for this one and draw a rising line that curves and rounds to the left to create its little head. Once you have that drawn, we’ll start drawing her body in the next step.

Step 2: Start drawing the hull.

Now that you have started the outline of the head, we can start drawing the shell for this part of your cute animal drawing. Starting at the top of the head, draw a curved line to the left to form the top of the shell. Then there will be a small tail near the end of this line. Finally, draw a small line under the chin of your animal design to create a bit more detail.

Step 3 – Finish the Turtle Body

We will finish most of the turtles in our guide to drawing cute animals in this next step. First, draw a line on the bottom of the neck, then draw a thin oval around it to create the shell neck hole. Next, use wavy lines going horizontally to create the edge of the shell. This turtle has cute little stubby legs, so you can use flat circle-like figures for the portions and then add three small circles to the bottom of each for the nails.

Step 4 – Next, draw the pony

Let’s leave the last details of the turtle for now and start with the pony. This is a step where you will need to refer to the reference image for help! Don’t be afraid to slow down this step of your cute animal graphic. The pony will be behind the turtle and sense to the left. Carefully draw the pony’s mane while being sure to have the ear pointed. Sketching with a pencil preferably could be very helpful in bringing the layering due! Once satisfied, you can always run through it with your enclosure. Once you keep the hair, you can draw the face’s profile and draw straight lines from the face to the legs. Once you’re happy with the pony, we’ll move on to the rabbit!

Step 5: Now, remove the bunny.

In this stage of our direction on how to draw pretty creatures, we will add the adorable bunny! You can draw the rabbit’s head directly on the turtle’s shell. It will have a rounded, circular bottom, but you can use two curved stripes at the shelter for the ears. You can then use a short periodic line for the rabbit’s neck and legs.

Step 6: Draw a floor for your cute animal illustration.

Our cute animal design has made a simple, grassy ground for the charming triad. You can use a mixture of serial lines for the ground and jagged lines for the grass. This is a step where you can also add some details and your background! Perhaps these creature companions are in a mysterious forest or a gorgeous green. What kind of decor do you think these cuties imagined?

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