Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

To explore the Dubai is with one of the reserve’s authorized tour operators. They offer a variety of different experiences, along with hotel accommodation, camel rides, archery, falconry shows, and SUV rides over dunes and wild terrain.

Take a leisurely stroll through the wasteland to glimpse the free-roaming herds of Arabian gazelles and the wide variety of chook species. Desert safari Dubai tour information throughout the day explains the ecology of the wilderness.

Over the years, the endangered Arabian, Macqueen’s ungulates, and a variety of different species from the natural world have been effectively reintroduced into the wilderness here.

Participate in vacant land transportation activities. Wrap it in a sand board and slide the dunes down to the valley. Try archery with a regular bow.

As the sun begins to sink below the horizon, enjoy a dune dinner of grilled meats, Arabic sweets and drinks in Bedouin tents. Then spend the night in the camps with a beautiful and peaceful environment. You can enjoy breakfast in the morning while watching the sunrise.

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is located inland from Dubai with a capacity of approximately one hour.


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The Things To Do in Dubai:

Together we take the epic of the experience to the next level. We have adequately trained, skilled human capital and well-trained human capital. Our energy is the guide we receive from our guests and this fact allows us to serve you perfectly and viable every time you come to us.

It is unique, in a delightful way of culture and modernity. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your visitors stay as perfect as possible. After the tour with us, we are sure that the friends will carry with them incredible memories of this happy country.

Desert Safari Dubai:

Desert Safari Dubai specializes in experiences of the vast and remarkable desert of the UAE. Catch an alluring view of the orange sunset and enjoy one of the city’s most adventurous activities. The tour operator offers a number of packages along with a trip to Lahbab. To meet the ‘Big Red’, the highest dune in Dubai, named for its picturesque color.

Morning safari consists of taking the great dawn over sandboarding and beautiful scenery. Camel riding is the best way to tackle the wasteland, just like those who have lived in the area for centuries. The nighttime desert safari offers an exhilarating experience over the dunes. Before stopping at the bare camp to experience a quintessential Arabian feast.

Dreaming Under the Arabian Sky:

After a night of relaxation with dancers and music, enjoy a single day, stay the place to look at the clear starry sky. Traditional clothing is ready to try and allows you to immerse yourself in a cultural adventure.

This is a continuation of the 1/2 day wasteland safari. Really worth the experience! You will have the chance to kick your waist and enjoy the absolute tranquility of the deserted country night. The smell of Arabic espresso will gently wake you up after the extraordinary breakfast for a standard breakfast.

Through the barren area to the Liwa Oasis, located near the border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the lure begins to wreak havoc in the morning hours. High sand dunes as far as the eye can see! This remarkable sight is a must see – see it! After soaking up the impressions of the “empty neighborhood”, enjoy lunch in an oasis.

Day Safari:

After a thrilling day safari in the wilderness, our skilled courses will set up tents, firewood and a barbecue dinner under the stars and you will be able to try the famous hookah. We entertain you in the desolate road life; The smell of Arabic espresso will gently wake you up for a normal breakfast before leaving the desert.


Desert Safari Dubai online booking also makes you on your guard by letting you pick and lose anywhere in Dubai. You are guaranteed unparalleled views of the desert, rolling over the dunes, and evoking memories that will last a lifetime.

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