Easy Astrological Remedies To Attract Positivity In Your House

At the end of the day, we all strive to bring a little more joy and happiness into our lives. Our grandparents used a combination of techniques to fend off the negative energies and embrace the good. We may still use those cures in the present period to enhance our personal well-being and that of our families. Therefore, we have compiled a few Astrological Remedies recommended by a famous astrologer in Kolkata to bring happiness into your home.

Astrological Remedies You Can Do at Home

  • In the solar system, Jupiter is the biggest planet. Jupiter is the planet that influences a person’s education and character. You may quickly appease the planet Jupiter by doing acts of generosity, donating money, and bringing joy to others.
  • When it comes to our spirit and mind, the Moon is in charge. It’s best to use silver cutlery if you suffer great mental stress because the Moon favors silver. It also protects against Rahu’s ill effects.
  • Saturn and the peepal tree share a special bond. It is thought that the peepal represents the planets Shani or Saturn. Thus, on Saturdays, you can present oil to the Peepal tree and light a Diya to get rid of Saturn’s harmful influence.
  • The god of Mars, Kartikeya or Skanda, is also known as the Warrior God. The planet Mars will be strength as a result of your devotion to it. You can sing the Hanuman Chalisa every day to benefit from worshiping Lord Hanumana.
  • “Chhaya Daan” is a highly powerful Mercury remedy. See your face in an oily dish in the morning. Donate the oil to a needy person as well. Feeding cows, donating, and not keeping caged birds in your house are all acceptable alternatives.
  • The Sun is a hot planet that stands for love, warmth, and a parent’s love. Serving your father and other elders with reverence is an excellent treatment for Sun. Moreover, a famous astrologer in Kolkata advised reciting the Gayatri mantra. You may also distribute jaggery and wheat to those in need as a form of charitable giving.
  • Our lives are rule by Venus, the planet of pleasure and passion. Chana and white objects like white rice, white garments, cream, and curd can be given to ladies to satisfy Venus.
  • When it comes to Vedic astrology, the spiritual celestial Ketu is in charge of overseeing a person’s own spiritual well-being. Donating mustard oil and blankets to those in need will satisfy Ketu and bring spirituality into your life.
  • Rahu represents your past, your obsessions, and your most ardent desires. As per the top astrologer in Kolkata, Rahu’s bad horoscope position has a devastating effect. In order to lessen this effect, you can use silver cutlery for drinking water.

Astrological Suggestions For Bringing Luck Into Your Home

Main Door

The presence of filth and dust in the home hinders good feelings. Keeping your house tidy is the first step. If Rahu’s bad influence is a problem for you, you can also bury some Mishri, silver, and black lentils at the entranceway. Also, put a doormat next to the entrance to absorb all the bad energy that comes through the doorway.

The Living Room

All visitors are greet by a living room in the home. This is a beautiful place to spend time with your family. This region has innumerable memories of companionship, quality of life, laughing, and happiness. As a result, this space should be kept spotless to bring in good fortune.

According to professional astrologers, the arrangement of this room has a significant part in attracting good fortune to a home. As a result, you should not set your sofa directly against the wall but instead allow a small distance between the sofa and the wall.


According to Vedic astrology, a family’s happiness or misery might be influence by the staircase in their home. The stairs in your home should not face the front entrance, east or southwest. However, if you already have a problem like this at home, you should avoid using any metal on the stairs.


Every balcony has countless memories of monsoon rains, summer breezes, and winter sun. Everyone in the family loves it, and there are many good reasons why. However, Every home should have a space for enjoying nature and making memories. You may enhance your spiritual and financial well-being by including lucky plants on your balcony.


Learning to bring good energy into the house is very crucial. Therefore, Creating a cheerier, brighter, and more spacious room may have a significant impact on the happiness and welfare of all family members. Fortunately, with these simple astrological remedies, you may get started right now.

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