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Get to know the various benefits of Shilajit Rasayan Vati

It is an effective medicine of Ayurveda that shows great result. The term mainly refers to a path that denotes excellent healing. Baidyanath Shilajit Rasayan vati is considered an effective medicine in Ayurveda because of its rasayan properties. Taking this medicine provides a number of health advantages that include rejuvenation of the body, increased longevity and anti-aging treatment, and so on. 

This medicine proves very much effective for blood circulation in various parts of the body including the kidney, blood vessels, semen carrying, and so on. the medicine contains Vata shamak which is basically termed as an air pacifier that enhances strength and semen. By taking this medicine, diseases like gonorrhea, swapnadosh, leucorrhea like diseases can easily be prevented. The medicine has all the effective properties of shilajit. 

This medicine is not only consumed by men but also women, especially those who are experiencing leucorrhoea. Leukorrhea mainly takes place due to internal infection in both men and women. Baidyanath Shilajit Rasayan Vati helps in improving the oxygen circulation in the body and thus, results in better health and well-being. 

What are the benefits of this medicine? 

The main benefits of this medicine include

  • It helps in energizing the body
  • It helps improve the sexual potentiality of men
  • It helps in increasing libido in women
  • It can prevent nightfall
  • It works effectively to treat sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea
  • The medicine proves very much effective for treating diseases like leucorrhoea

What are the ingredients included in this medicine? 

The ingredients that are included in this medicine are –

  • Ashwagandha
  • Harad
  • Bhoomi Amla
  • Baheda
  • Amla
  • Aqueous extract of Shilajeet Shudha

What are the uses of this medicine? 

This medicine proves very much effective especially for men because shilajit is mainly linked to enhancing the male virility and sexual potentiality in men. It helps in improving the quality of sperm and treating diseases like nightfall. Besides this, this medicine proves effective for treating general health issues as well because these Ayurvedic tablets are loaded with the goodness of Ayurveda and its most age-old effective herbs such as Amla, Ashwagandha Ayurveda that help to keep both mind and body strong. 

How to take this medicine? 

For best results, you need to take this medicine regularly. You can take 1 or 2 tablets every day – one in the morning and the other at night. However, you need to make sure that you never consume this medicine on an empty stomach. It may prove quite dangerous for you. It is better to consult with a doctor who will do a thorough checkup of your body and thereby suggest you the right dose depending on your present health condition. 

Safety information to follow

  • Make sure you read the information on the packet carefully before you start taking this medicine. 
  • These medicines are for adults only
  • Keep the medicine away from the reach of children


Is Shilajit Rasayan Vati only for men? 

No, it can be consumed by both men and women. Earlier it is used by men only for enhancing sexual potentiality. But Shilajit is composed of various other Ayurvedic herbs and has many other benefits due to which this can be consumed by both men and women. 

Does it offer quick results? 

Yes, it can offer you desired result. But you need to make sure that you consume this tablet every day without fail. It is best to consult with a doctor who will suggest you the right dose as well as the time period of taking this medicine. 

Does it have any side effects? 

No, it is completely free from any kind of side effects. It is very effective and does not create any partial side effects in the body. 

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