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In a world where internet-connected devices are becoming more and more commonplace, it’s no surprise that hackers are finding new ways to exploit these devices for their own gain. In the case of Tesla’s Model S, Bloomberg reports that hackers have found a way to remotely control the car’s brakes, steering, and door locks. hackers teslaturtonbloomberg

In recent years, hackers have become increasingly sophisticated and brazen in their attacks on high-profile targets. The latest victim is Tesla, which was hit by a ransomware attack that disrupted its manufacturing operations. The attack highlights the vulnerability of even the most technologically advanced companies to cyber threats. hackers teslaturtonbloomberg

Hackers have been a thorn in the side of Tesla CEO Elon Musk for years, and they struck again last week. This time, they took control of Tesla’s Twitter account and posted fake news about Musk being ousted as CEO. hackers teslaturtonbloomberg

The hackers didn’t stop there. They also sent out tweets from Tesla’s official account saying that the company’s cars were unsafe and that Musk was stealing customer deposits.

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