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Heron Preston x Bape collab: Where to buy, price, and more explored

Bape, popularly known as A Bathing Ape, has collaborated with Heron Preston on a limited-edition clothing collection. The capsule consists of a unique combination of Japanese streetwear and the cultures of DJs/designers based in the United States.

Besides integrating the cultures of the two labels, the integration also incorporates design principles, something Heron Preston called an “instant language.”

In a press release, Bathing Ape introduced Heron’s “instant language” in a press release, where they reported that the instant language is based on pick-up, prototype, and uniform.

More about the newly launched Heron Preston x Bape collab

HeRON Preston utilized the Bathing Ape’s archive collection as a source of inspiration in creating a line of shark hoodies, bape camo, ape heads, and bape sta. He reinterpreted the classics.

This collaborative capsule was officially launched on the official websites of both brands and a few selected retailers on May 7, 2022.

A number of the t-shirts in the collection are inspired by Ape Head’s late 90’s based screen-print designs and are derived from Bape’s legacy of late 90’s inspired screen-print designs. The “Ape Head” graphics are based on the design of the time.

HP X Bape SS T-shirts come in three colorways: lilac white, black white, and white black and can be purchased for $225 in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

 In addition to workwear jackets and utility pants that reflect the dualities of both brands, the workwear section of the collection illustrates one of the most exciting aspects of this collection. With his interpretation of the classic Bape workwear jackets, Heron Preston has created a destructive visual interpretation of the classic workwear jacket. A two-piece set of workwear and pants has been printed with slow back gestures on the jacket, such as “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape.”

There are camo prints on both the jacket and the pants, which have a subtle purple element incorporated into the design. HP X Bape Camo Worker Jacket is available for $899 in XXS to XXL, while HP X Bape Worker Pants are available for a price of $519 in sizes XS to XXL.

Also available is a shark zip hoodie and camo sweatpants made in a similar pattern to the two-piece workwear set. In a subtle print across the fabric of this hoodie and sweatpants, BAPE Sta’s emblem “STA” appears across both pieces of clothing.

It is worth mentioning that the HP X Bape Shark Zip Hoody can be obtained for $479 in sizes S to XXL, while the camo sweatpants can be ordered for $405 in the exact sizes.  

Among the items that are part of this collaboration, the merchandise collection is a cap, a pair of sneakers, and the apparel collection.

Bape’s STA sneaker, reimagined in HP’s signature orange color, has been reimagined as a Bape x HP sneaker. Moreover, the shoes are constructed from premium leather, featuring the orange Bape camo print. There is a mismatch between the labels of Bape and Heron Preston in this design. It is expected that the HP X Bape Sta sneakers should be available for $365 in an ‘orange, white’ colorway, ranging in size from US 7 to US 13.

Furthermore, the camo cap features the same purple camo pattern as the two-piece workwear set and is available for $189.

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