Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC Systems

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my father, it’s that “a home is not a building; it is a safe and comfortable place for a family to grow together”. And there’s nothing like an HVAC system to bring comfort to your home. Wait, you already have a system, yet nothing’s changed? Then, keep on reading to find out how to turn your house into a home with HVAC maintenance in NJ.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems give you complete control over your home’s environment; they are, simply put, the elder wand to your Harry Potter, Excalibur to your Arthur. Rather than being a singular unit, HVAC systems are a combination of two or three of the following units working together:


The ‘heating’ component of HVAC systems and heaters is composed of two parts the boiler and the circulatory pipe network. Heaters work by boiling and heating water within the boiler and then moving it through the house’s radiator network.


Traditionally there used to be two kinds of heaters: gas and electric. Today, technological developments have added a third type into the mix.

Gas Boilers, traditional and cheap, burn fuel to heat the water. However, due to their reliance on fossil fuels, these boilers greatly contribute to greenhouse gases.

Electric Boilers use electricity as their fuel source. These boilers are moderately priced, environment friendly, and a lot more efficient than traditional gas boilers.

Solar Boilers are the most modern innovation within the boiler industry. Essentially electric, solar boilers substitute grid electricity with that generated by solar panels. These boilers are pretty expensive but will save you a lot on the electric bill.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are responsible for handling the other side HVAC spectrum i.e. the cooling. Air conditioners function by using the compressor to lower the cooling coil’s temperature and then pass air through it. The cold air is then filtered and circulated throughout the room.


Opposite to their heating counterparts, air conditioners are differentiated by their circulatory system and not the main unit.

Splits air conditioners are modern energy-efficient systems that use principles of fluid mechanics to circulate cold air. Spits are cheap and energy-efficient systems but can cool only one room.

Centrals cooling systems are power hunger, powerful beasts that can cool your entire home. These systems are quite convenient but require a lot of regular HVAC maintenance NJ.


Ventilators are nothing more than air pumps that are designed to give you control over airflow and humidity. Modern systems also filter out bad odors and are primarily used for keeping the indoor air fresh and pleasant.


There are mainly two types of ventilators

Internal ventilators come as a preexisting part or feature of HVAC systems.

External ventilators are separate units that are used for greater control over the climate.

Installation & Maintenance

Throughout its running, your HVAC system will lose efficiency and power, but HVAC systems are sturdy mechanical machines that can, with proper care, maintain their out for a long time. So let’s take a look at the basic procedure of HVAC maintenance in NJ:

  • Clean and replace the filter.
  • Check the electrical connections.
  • Remove clogs and blockages.
  • Clean the pipes.


HVAC’s control over the temperature and the climate allows you to create a comfortable place for yourself and your family. In conclusion, HVAC systems are a must for any homeowner looking to make their home a paradise.

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