How To Know When You Are Ready To Sell Your Online Course On A Virtual Interaction Platform?

The E-learning or online education market has been growing exponentially over the last two years. The online education market size has already crossed a hike of USD 315 billion in 2021 and is expected to further grow at a CAGR of 20% till 2028. Moreover, e-learning is a boon for content creators to capitalize on their skillset utilizing the power of virtual interaction platforms. Teachers, professors, and people experts in different fields like music, technology, Artificial intelligence, and Deep learning can now utilize their skillset, eliminating the need to set up a physical workspace and pay overhead costs. 

Online teaching and online courses are the new buzzwords, popular not only on social media, but word-of-mouth is playing a major role in the drastic increase of the total addressable market size. Plus, the rapid digitalization, even in the remote areas of the country, is transforming the way people are getting educated. However, prominent apps like Byjus, Whitehat Jr, Vedantu, Udemy, etc., have captured the majority of the market space. Though, there are teachers promoting themselves as social media content creators on different social media platforms to gain maximum audiences willing to learn and pay for the skillset. 

The process of creating an online course is indeed a long and tedious process, and selling the course is the last part of the story. But many content creators get stuck with a few questions, like is their course in demand right now? Is this the right time to sell or publish the course? Am I ready to sell the course? 

The most crucial part of the process is if your audiences accept you as an expert in a particular niche. Here are a few tips which will help you get ready and sell your online course. The following tips will also help your audience identify yourself as an expert in your niche, which ultimately backs the content creators to sell your online course with confidence and ease. 

Let’s list a few tips that will help content creators to sell their online courses on social media and virtual interaction platforms:

  • Process-driven and BTS content: Humanizing your personal brand with the audience is one of the best ways to sell and market your online course. Creating an emotional bond with your target audience by posting BTS or behind the scene and process-driven videos, reels, and stories is one of the ways to market your course with ease and confidence. 

To build a strong bond with their followers on Instagram, content creators often post unedited videos showcasing them working and developing the curriculum and structure of the course. These are behind the scene videos which reflect the tedious and inspiring process of content creation without any filters. 

Most of the time, users or followers believe that a life of a content creator is full of luxury and comfort, which is the major rationale why it’s important to show the followers the number of hours and hard work you put in to create valuable content. BTS content helps the content creators show their time, efforts, and work needed to create a successful online course. 

It will help you as an education content creator to show the research and other behind-the-scene works, which makes your content more trustworthy. In the long run, you will establish a personal bond with your followers and will ultimately create a loyal community that will back you and will be willing to pay for your educational content. 

  • Answer all the ‘how’ questions: By using the power of questions, you can establish a well-grounded communication channel with your online community. You can address all the ‘how’ questions in your niche by gathering and making a database or list of the questions. Being an educational content creator, you can answer your audiences queries and questions directly or make content on it. 

This should be the most integral part of your content strategy. By answering the questions of your subscribers, you make them feel heard, and you can care for them. 

CallXP is a perfect place for content creators, as the virtual monetization and interaction platform consists of all the in-built tools required for a content creator to be successful. Students and audiences joining the classes can interact with you via live chat. Also, you being the host, can pop up a live feedback questionnaire while the virtual class is going on. 

  • Collaborations: Collaborating with different thought leaders in your niche and content creators gives you a fresh perspective on the different types of content you can create to engage the audience within the niche. 

It will help establish a network, share thought processes, share audiences, and work together to create the most valuable content. In fact, collaborations are the easiest way to find and interact with people of similar interests. 

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