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How to make custom keychain acrylic photo?

An acrylic keychain photo is a small keychain accessory that features a personalized photograph or image encased in a transparent acrylic sheet.

A custom acrylic keychain photo is a great way to keep your cherished memories with you at all times while adding personality to your belongings. An acrylic keychain photo can make a unique and thoughtful gift or a fun accessory for yourself, whether it’s a photo of your loved ones, pets, or favorite places.

The purpose of this article is to provide a step-by-step guide on how to make a custom keychain acrylic photo, from the materials needed to the finishing touches. Whether you’re a DIY enth

usiast or just looking for a fun and easy project, this guide will help you create your own custom acrylic keychain photo in no time.

Materials Needed

List of materials needed:

  • Clear acrylic sheet (1/8″ thickness)
  • Inkjet printer
  • Transparency sheet
  • Metal keychain ring
  • Drill with a small drill bit
  • Heat gun               
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Roller
  • Cleaning cloth

Where to purchase the materials:

Clear acrylic sheets can be found at most hardware or craft stores or online retailers like Amazon or eBay.

Inkjet printers and transparency sheets can be purchased at office supply stores or online retailers.

Metal keychain rings can be found at craft stores or online retailers.

Heat guns and drills can be found at hardware stores or online retailers.

Cost of materials:

Clear acrylic sheet: $5-10

Inkjet printer: $40-100

Transparency sheet: $15-20 (pack of 50)

Metal keychain ring: $5-10 (pack of 50)

Drill with a small drill bit: $10-20

Heat gun: $20-30

Scissors, ruler, marker, roller, cleaning cloth: most people already have these at home.


Choose the photo to be used:

Select a high-quality photo with good lighting and resolution. The photo should also be meaningful to you or the recipient of the keychain.

Consider cropping the photo to focus on the subject and eliminating distracting elements.

1-      Crop and resize the photo:

Use photo editing software to crop and resize the photo to fit the size of the acrylic sheet.

The recommended size for the photo is 2 x 2 inches or 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

2-      Print the photo on a transparency sheet:

Load the transparency sheet into your inkjet printer and print the photo.

Select the “transparency” or “film” setting on your printer to ensure that the ink adheres properly to the transparency sheet.

Allow the ink to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Creating the Acrylic Keychain Photo

1- Lay the acrylic sheet on a flat surface:

  • Choose a clean and flat surface to work on.
  • Make sure the surface is free of any debris or dust.

2- Put the printed transparency sheet on top of the acrylic sheet:

  • Carefully place the printed transparency sheet on the clear acrylic sheet with the photo facing down.

3- Use a roller to remove any air bubbles:

  • Starting from the center of the sheet, use a roller to press down and remove any air bubbles between the acrylic sheet and the transparency sheet.

4- Apply heat with a heat gun:

  • Use a heat gun to apply heat evenly over the transparency sheet.
  • Keep the heat gun moving, and do not focus on one area for too long to avoid warping or melting the acrylic sheet.

5- Cut the acrylic sheet to the desired size and shape:

  • Using a ruler and a marker, measure and mark the desired size and shape of the keychain.
  • Use scissors to cut the acrylic sheet along the marked lines.

6- Drill a hole at the top of the acrylic sheet:

  • Use a small drill bit to make a hole at the top of the acrylic sheet, where the keychain ring will be inserted.
  • Be careful not to crack or break the acrylic sheet while drilling.

7- Insert a metal keychain ring:

  • Attach a metal keychain ring to the hole at the top of the acrylic sheet.
  • Make sure the ring is securely attached to the sheet before use.

Finishing Touches

A. Cleaning the acrylic sheet:

Use a cleaning cloth to wipe off fingerprints or smudges on the acrylic sheet.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that scratch or damage the surface.

B. Adding additional decorations:

If desired, add decorations to the acrylic keychain photo, such as stickers, glitter, or paint.

Ensure enough time for any added decorations to dry completely before using the keychain.

C. Wrapping the acrylic keychain photo:

If you wish to give the acrylic keychain photo as a gift, you can wrap it in a small box or pouch to make it more presentable.

Consider adding a personalized note or message to the recipient to make the gift more meaningful.

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