How To Pass The Greek Certificate Exam Practical Tips

The closer the exam date is, the more questions there will be about how to take the exam and get the language certificate.

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If we talk about the current situation, tests are usually held in May (around the world) and in September (only in Greece), but this year many test centers canceled their tests and did not take place in Athens. An examination is possible.

How is the test done and how should I prepare for it?

The test is divided into two main parts, oral and written. Oral takes about 15 minutes and written – three hours.

For someone who has been studying the Greek language for a long time, and whose vocabulary is at least 500-600 words, the spoken words will be very easy. For those who do not know the language at this stage, we suggest that you create conversations and sentences that suit you.

The mouth looks like this: 

showing some pictures, you are asked an article, for example, a picture of a family, and they ask, what is the significance of the whole family for children? Show a picture of the school and ask for feedback on education etc. Or it could be a game situation, for example, you are a buyer and you want to return a low-quality item to the seller.

Different situations are described

Different situations are described. There is a lot on the university’s website so you can easily prepare by knowing which topics are often covered. There are also textbooks on B2 exam preparation and all these topics will be covered.

We recommend that you memorize at least a few sentences for each topic. Because even sentences spoken without mistakes can have benefits. For example, remember sentences like: “I don’t have the answer, because on one side and on the other side.” Enter a simple word from the vocabulary in such a sentence. Enough special subject.

Let’s move on to the main writing section. For those who take a one-year course, this will be easy because you will be able to take a lot of practice tests and memorize the answers.

We have been buying quizzes for years. Which will indicate the question with the correct answer. Or download previous years’ tests.

All written exams

All written exams involve listening when you answer questions after listening to the text. It includes a grammar section that includes different types of grammar and written questions. At this stage, you can divide your time as needed. Of course, you can’t keep everything. You will have titles that you understand well and that you do not understand. So it is better to focus on the topic you are strong on and give maximum answers on the topic you do not understand well so that there are no more mistakes. In addition, you will need to get at least some marks in each part of the test. You can’t do all the failing parts.

The first question

The first question is to listen and answer. Read the messages quickly (twice), so before each message, check the questions in advance so that you can quickly select the information that needs to be answered by ear. It will take a few minutes to reply and re-read after each reading.

The second question

The second part is grammar exercises. This is where the practice test will help you. (As I wrote above, we recommend buying, downloading, and practicing): Grammar tasks are often repeated every year. So practice is helpful. The grammar section of the exam will have a simple part: just enter the missing text or keywords. Choose from several options and the hard part is to include the missing words in the text. Or create a new sentence by changing from active to inactive or inactive.

The requirements for this article are not too strict. It consists of about 200 words and the topic can be chosen from several options.

Learn some simple phrases and prepare

You can learn some simple phrases and prepare this article which will help you to write more than you need. (This is very important because if you write fewer words you will need some points) and prepare the topic.

Topics are often controversial and have no clear answer. Therefore, it is important that you clearly state your point of view on the issue, and this allows us to easily offer useful phrases for it. For example: “I don’t know something about it.”.. And when I think about it “On the one hand and on the other “, “There is no clear evidence for that in society. No position. But I think “etc.

The topic is designed for voting so you can write more about this issue. For example, “Are you a vegetarian or  against one?”

Additional Markings 

However, additional markings are given when the adjective is used in the text. Because beginners often write without these words. It also records interactive sounds and complex actions.

For that time, three hours was more than enough. Most students leave long before the end of the probationary period. You cannot use anything in the written test. Of course, they will look at you with suspicion, as opposed to an oral test. If you look at your notebook, but they will not be blocked and the written test will be only paper, a pencil, and an eraser, you can take a bottle of water with you to the bathroom. (But you can’t take anything with you.)

However, the key to success in the exam is complete preparation and confidence.

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