Mastercard stopped Russian business

In Russia, as Ukraine presses yet another financial blow, Mastercard and Visa suspend operations for further Western action.

Yet another blow, Russia’s financial system suffers as Mastercard, and in the country, Visa announces they are suspending operations.  In a meeting, Ukraine’s foreign minister tells his US counterpart that his country needs fighter jets and to implement a no-fly zone air defense system and has called NATO’s refusal over Ukraine a sign of weakness.

On the strategic port city, Russia resumes its offensive of Mariupol after a temporary ceasefire failed, by both sides, with allegations of violations. In Ukraine, the IMF warns that the already serious global economic effects of the war would be all the more devastating should the flaw escalate.

Ukraine health centers

On health care centers, the World Health Organization has confirmed several attacks in Ukraine, and; the agency’s chief stated is investigating others.  In a Twitter message, the attacks caused multiple deaths; and serious problems, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus added.

He stated that attacks on healthcare facilities or workers breach medical neutrality, and it is a violation of international humanitarian law.

Ukraine: In the war, more than 11,000 Russian troops were killed

Since Moscow launched on February 24, more than 11,000 Russian troops have been; killed in an invasion into Ukraine, the Ukrainian armed forces’ general staff said. The Ukrainian army put Russian casualties a day earlier, at over 10,000. Kyiv did not report Ukrainian agencies.

In Mariupol ‘dire’, the humanitarian situation

In the southeastern city of Mariupol, the humanitarian situation is extremely dire with a huge; displacement of people, the International Committee of the Red Crocc warned, in shelters without food, adding that many people are stranded, water, or electricity.

Mirella Hodeib, ICRC Ukraine, told Al Jazeera that I could describe the situation as catastrophic.

Hodeib said that safe passage for civilians is a guarantee under international humanitarian law, and to civilians fleeing the conflict, ICRC welcomes any initiative to offer respite.

In the conflict, the parties are in negotiation now. Who wish to do so, ICRC is willing to facilitate the movement of civilians. Hodeib also declared that we are ready once an agreement based strictly on humanitarian terms reach.

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