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In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Microsoft began rolling out a new Xbox Live feature called “Party Chat.” The Party Chat feature allows gamers to chat with up to seven friends using their Xbox Live account. The feature is available to all Xbox Live members in the United States and Canada. microsoft xbox livewarren theverge

Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has been a staple for online gamers since its inception in 2002. The service has seen many updates and changes over the years, but the core functionality remains the same: to provide gamers with a stable and secure online gaming experience. With the recent release of the Xbox One, Microsoft has once again updated the Xbox Live service, adding new features and refining old ones. microsoft xbox livewarren theverge

In the Microsoft Xbox Livewarren Theverge, readers are introduced to the world of online gaming and its many benefits. It discusses how online gaming can help improve problem-solving skills, memory, and focus. The article also introduces some of the popular games available on Xbox Live, such as Halo 5: Guardians and Gears of War 4.

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