Mosquitos Taking Over Your Backyard? 5 Ways to Stop Them

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as spending some time in your backyard after a long day. Lounging around outside on backyard furniture is one of the nicest feelings out there, especially on a cool, sunny day. Although every person with a backyard longs for this picture-perfect scenario, it’s oftentimes out of reach because of one pest: mosquitos. If not kept in check, mosquitos can completely take over your backyard, preventing you and your loved ones from enjoying it. When your backyard is overcome by mosquitos, even staying out there for a minute or two can leave you with several, if not more, irritating bug bites that will leave red welts and make you feel itchy for days on end. If you feel like mosquitos are taking over your backyard, then you’re in luck because today, we are here to tell you five ways to stop them. Whether that’s buying a magnetic bug screen or piling on the mosquito repellent, you’re sure to find a method that works well for you. To learn how to finally put an end to mosquitos ruining your backyard time, keep on reading. 

Keep It Breezy 

The first thing you can do to help get rid of mosquitos when you’re outside is to get a standing fan. Although mosquitos might seem relentless, a breeze as low as one mile per hour can keep them at bay because they do not have the weight or power to fly around when there is a breeze. Go shopping for a standing fan next time you go to the store, and if you plug it in somewhere outside and keep it by your lawn furniture, you’ll find that the wind from the fan keeps all the pesky mosquitos away. 

Get Rid of Standing Water 

If your backyard is becoming overrun by mosquitos but you haven’t yet cleaned out any standing water from your backyard, stop everything you’re doing and get rid of all standing water right now. Places that contain still water, such as little ponds or bird baths, are ideal mosquito breeding grounds, so if you have a ton of mosquitos in your yard, chances are you’ll find where they come from if you check out the areas in your backyard that hold standing water. Simply dump out the standing water and replace it with fresh water if needed. Do this refreshment process every few to ensure that mosquitos don’t have time to breed in the standing water. 

Spray On the Mosquito Repellant 

No matter how bad the mosquito situation might be in your backyard, some nights you might just want to go and spend time outside. When this happens, you’ll be super thankful to have some spray-on mosquito repellant at the ready. Without the powerful effects of mosquito repellant, you’ll get completely bitten up within a few minutes of stepping outside. There are many different options for mosquito repellant, and you also have the option of using DEET, although a lot of people prefer using more natural mosquito repellent options. Do your research as to which kind of mosquito repellant you think would be best for you and your loved ones, and don’t take a single step into your backyard without putting some on. 

Avoid Going Out Around Dawn or Dusk 

Similar to humans, mosquitos have times they prefer to feed. Namely, these are when the sun is rising and when the sun is setting. You might want to just avoid going out to your backyard during these times, because no matter how many standing fans you have in your backyard and no matter how much DEET you put on, a mosquito or two might get through your protective layers, and one mosquito bite is all it takes for you to feel itchy for days. It might be a better idea to just stay inside during dawn and dusk during the mosquito season. 

Get a Magnetic Bug Screen 

If you want to make sure that mosquitos stay out of your house, then you need to look into getting a magnetic bus screen. A magnetic bug screen is an item that can help you enjoy fresh air from the comfort of your own living room while also keeping out pesky mosquitos and other bugs. These screen door replacements are made of mesh, so air can easily pass through. At the same time, the mesh is tightly woven enough to block out mosquitos. Investing in a magnetic bug screen is the perfect way to ensure bugs don’t enter your home. If they’re already overtaking your backyard, you shouldn’t have to deal with them in your own house, too. 


We hope this article helped show you a few ways you can stop mosquitos from taking over your backyard. Our top recommendations are getting rid of standing water and adding a magnetic bug screen to your back door. By following these simple steps, you’ll see that it’s possible to beat mosquitos at their own game. 

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