Moving Scam! How to Stay Protected from the Pretentious Packers and Movers

House shifting; be it within the same city or different cities is a major drift in one’s life. It is a cause of agitation and an irresolute state of mind amongst the movers. As you are unsure of the prospects of the shift, it is quite obvious to feel anxious about the house shifting process. It is a common phenomenon to feel fidgety about moving so many possessions from one place to another. Moreover, you have to fix a moving budget and save money for it and find genuine packers and movers company to carry out the house shifting.

House shifting requires a lot of preparation and planning in advance. You have to prepare your mind for the shift to start afresh. You have to lay out a consolidated plan for the move. Planning, preparation, and their effectual execution make house shifting one of the most stressful activities in the world. Not only the preparations, but the risks associated with house shifting can also make you more anxious about the whole thing.

The packers and movers business is one of the most fraudulent industries worldwide. The constant increase in the number of scams by the swindling moving companies has created an upsetting situation amongst the customers. House shifting, already being a stressful activity. And topped up with the threat of falling prey to scams by rogue packers and movers will become a nightmare. As shifting involves moving expensive possessions, you need to be careful and aware while finalising a moving company for it.

Presenting you some quintessential tips to stay protected from pretentious packers and movers:

Hire IBA-certified Packers & Movers

IBA or “Indian Banks Association” is a division in banking that approves and authenticates the moving companies in India. According to IBA norms, they approve the registered companies. So when you decide to pick your packers and movers company, appoint an IBA-certified moving company. This will make your house-shifting safe and efficient.

Visit their Office

A packers and movers company having a registered office address connotes its credibility. Before you finalise the packers and movers, visit their office to check whether the property is owned, rented, or leased. Moreover, you should observe their body language, gestures, how they treat their future customers, and what facilities they provide as an add-on. Visiting their office would make things more clear and you will be able to trust their services.

Verify Legal Documents

Authentic packers and movers hold documents of being legally registered. Go through the terms and conditions of the company carefully while checking these documents. If you want to avail packers and movers for your house shifting, then check for these official documents:

  • License for trade.
  • GST / Sales tax registration certificate
  • Company incorporation certificate from MCD/ NDMC/ DDA etc.
  • PAN Card of the company
  • Identity Proof of the company owners (Voter id card/ Aadhar Card)
  • Partnership deed, in case of partnership farms.

Ask for quotations in writing

Being a potential client of the shifting company, it is your right to ask for the relocation cost quotations in writing. Ensure that every aspect of the relocation cost is correctly mentioned in the company invoice. It will give you the guarantee that there are no hidden costs wiil be charged later by the packers and movers company. The shifting cost evaluation in writing will be evidence of a transparent deal between you and the shifting company.

Never Pay the entire Shifting Cost in Advance

Paying the entire moving cost in advance can prove to be one of the bleak mistakes we make in our lives and regret forever. The fraudulent packers and movers can run away with your money leaving you robbed, dejected, and in a miserable condition. Pay only a small percentage of the total house shifting cost in the initial period and pay the rest after the completion of the shifting process. Keep the bills and receipts after you pay the initial amount.

Don’t make Cash Transactions

For the last few years, there has been a considerable change in the mode of payment in India. Earlier, people use to make payments through cash and cheques. Nowadays, you will find options for digital payment, even in rural areas. While paying your packers and movers during house shifting, remember to make digital payments. There is a lot of risk factor of scams involved in cash transactions.

Use your debit card, credit card, or payment apps through your mobile phone and avoid cash transactions completely. In digital payments, the amount goes directly to the bank account of the receiver after identifying their authenticity through an OTP. If you face issues after making a digital payment, you can trace their bank details and take necessary measures.

Get In-transit Insurance

The licensed packers and movers value the importance of the personal possessions of their customers. Their reputation is at stake if there is any loss or damage of goods. Therefore, they ensure that your goods are safely shifted to the new location without getting tarnished or damaged. If there is any loss or damage to the goods, the shifting company offers in-transit insurance to their customers to save them from financial losses.

Unmarked Moving Vehicle

A licensed and authentic moving company will always have its marked moving vehicle. If your shifting company provides you with a moving vehicle where there is no identification or logo of a specific moving company, it is probably a fraud company. Shifting companies using a leased truck for transportation is dangerous as it is easier for them to run away with the possessions of the customers without getting identified.

Consider hiring through the verified online platforms

Some websites provide the verified details of genuine packers and movers across the country. These online platforms help you to connect with several packers and movers in the nearby area within minutes. You can save a lot of time and you have the freedom to evaluate and analyse the information provided by the platforms to choose the best packers and movers company. Compare them based on their charges, their services, the serviceable cities, etc.

Don’t fall for Low Prices

The discount seems to be the most exciting scheme till the time you don’t have to pay higher prices for it later on! Running after the shifting companies offering huge discounts for house shifting is never a good option. Most of the time it is a marketing strategy to pull the customers initially and then extract more money from them.

Trusting such shifting companies for moving your valuable possessions can be risky as there is a chance of getting scammed. Check the Google ratings and customer reviews of the moving company before closing the deal.

Your Call After All

While choosing the moving company according to your requirements, preferences, location, and budget choose IBA-approved packers and movers. Verify the legal documents of the company and never pay the entire shifting cost in advance. Avoid cash transactions. Visit the office of the moving company and ask them to offer a genuine bill for their services. If you follow these tips, you will stay protected from the pretentious packers and movers. Wish you a safe and happy move!

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