NFT Games Making Into Metaverse! The Trend Will Get Massive Soon

NFT Games Making Into Metaverse

Blockchain came into the world with the aim of bringing decentralization. But in time, it is achieving more and now trying to get a new generation of the internet. The industries blockchain invaded are vast that there will be a time when everything needs blockchain. It is a time when everything in this world is all about owning assets. With digitization taking its peak, there came a question about owning digital assets. Though Non-Fungible Tokens came out a long time ago, they began to get substantial attention only after people started earning through an NFT game. NFT gaming marketplace started coming out as people were so keen to get into these games. While the next iteration of the internet is emerging, digitization is taking up its next level in developing a digital world-The Metaverse!

Owning Gaming NFTs!

Non-fungible Tokens are not just artworks for profile pictures anymore. When Cryptokitties, the first NFT game, came out, there was an exponential rise in the number of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, which eventually led to a network jam. Since then, gamers, as well as crypto enthusiasts, consider NFT games a better place to have fun and earn at the same time. Gaming NFTs became popular that NFT marketplaces like Opensea opened their platform for gaming NFTs. This eventually gave an opportunity for dedicated gaming NFT marketplaces to emerge.

Gaming NFTs are in-game assets you buy to play the game. Whenever you purchase an item like a weapon, new accessory, an outfit, or even a character, you get definite ownership of that digital asset on the blockchain. Gaming NFTs give you the opportunity to sell them easily on a marketplace and hence help you monetize them. Thus when you spend money on buying gaming NFTs in a game, you invest in them. There are instances where you can increase the power, strength, or level of the item purchased. When you sell them now, you can sell them for a value more than what you spent on them, making a profit. This attracted the gaming community and also the crypto users. Today, many NFT games use different blockchains, offering a better user experience.

Metaverse- Making gaming fun!

Metaverse is something that will take you to a digital world where you are digital too. That is, you can enter the digital world with mixed reality headsets that can bring you a real-world experience in the digital realm. You can do everything you do in this whole new world, from social interaction and shopping to playing games and attending concerts. Though Virtual reality is already giving a virtually real experience, Metaverse coming with augmented reality will provide a real-time experience making gaming more fun. 

Did you know that people even started to host their weddings in the Metaverse during the pandemic making people closer? Metaverse games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, SandBox, and more are already getting an overwhelming response from the gaming community. Not just that, since these games involve NFTs, for their gaming accessories, they are attracting all the NFT enthusiasts as well. The success of these NFT games constructed a clear roadway for many other Play-to-earn NFT games to come.

The Play to earn Metaverse Games!

P2E metaverse games are now the trend that brings fortune to the players and the developers too. Games like Axie Infinity even gave daily bread to the players during the pandemic. Many gamers even left their everyday jobs to concentrate entirely on the income from these games. Sports NFT games like Sorare for soccer, Meta cricket league with Jump. Trade for Cricket, F1 delta time for racing, and more are yet to come. 

The NFTs from these games flooded many popular NFT marketplace for games making these NFTs more accessible. There are also dedicated marketplaces launched just for these NFTs. These games offer monetary benefits to the players by

  • Giving rewards every time a player wins a match or game or enters the next level in the form of in-game crypto coins or in-game NFT assets.
  • Giving the possibility to trade the reward coins they earn in exchange for taking it out as fiat.
  • Giving access to definite ownership of in-game assets and allowing trade.
  • Offering functions to increase the strength of in-game assets to increase their worth of it to sell them for a price higher than what they have been bought for.

Nowadays, many in-game NFTs are considered blue-chip NFTs, attracting a huge user base. 


NFT games are now firing up in the world of blockchain and crypto. They are definitely not a bubble and hold a new future for the emerging digital world. With Metaverse showing signs of captivating billions soon, Non-Fungible Tokens are considered the future invincible assets. NFT gaming marketplaces are now the camp for gamers and NFT geeks. A wise man identifies and analyses the future possibilities of emerging tech and reaps the best out of it. Even professional gamers are getting into blockchain gaming, and this might be the future mode of social interaction very soon.

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