Surprise your near and dear ones by sending them delicious cakes

If you want to surprise your relatives and friends by sending them cakes then you are at the correct place. Thanks to the efforts of OyeGifts placing orders online has been made easy. You can get online cake delivery in India easily. If you want to get online cake delivery in Delhi then this is possible by placing the order of the particular cake. Let us go through some of the variety of cakes available.

The butterscotch cake

This is a delicious cake that is in butterscotch flavour. It is decorated with chocolate pieces in rectangular shape. Multiple Circles in chocolate are made up on the cake. Also in the centre red cherry is placed. This cake not only looks awesome but also is super delicious.

The Black forest chocolate cake-

This is a delicious chocolate cake that is made up of chocolate and cream. The edges on the outer base are decorated by lines made up of chocolate syrup. In the centre, 5 to 6 elevated surfaces are formed by the cream upon which red cherry is placed. This is the decoration in the circular form. In the centre, lots of chocolate shavings are spread. This cake gives you a burst of several flavours when tasted.

The fruit cake

This is a delicious cake in chocolate that is made by alternate layers of chocolate base and a layer of cream and fruits mixed together. On the top, lots of creams are placed upon which small pieces of seasonal fruits are kept in a certain arrangement. This is not only healthy but also delicious.

The photo cake

This is a cake different from the regular circular form. It is rectangular and made up of chocolate base and cream. The edges are decorated with cream upon which cherry is placed. The centre of the cake has the photograph that you will upload at the time of placing the order. This is a wonderful cake which carries the favour of Black forest chocolate cake. This is appropriate for the occasions like birthdays or marriage anniversaries of your dear ones.

The romantic cake

If you want to make the evening special with your partner then this is the perfect cake. This is a heart-shaped red velvet cake. You can order this delicious cake that is covered with a layer of red syrup. This is perfect to make your evening super romantic. Red velvet cake is the recent love of this generation.

The Barbie cake

This is specially designed for small kids. The cake is made in the image of the Barbie doll which is wearing a big gown. The gown carries the flavour of the cake that you will order. Kids get excited about seeing such a decorative cake in the image of their favourite doll.

The four-tier cake

This is made for occasions make weddings or grand celebrations of marriage anniversaries. This is made in four-layered cake in ascending order from top to bottom. The cake edges are decorated with different articles such as seasonal fruits.

A flower and cake combination

This is the best gift that you can ever send to your friends family and relatives. This is a combination of chocolate cake along with a bouquet of red roses. You can send this combination to surprise them with your warm wishes and affectionate emotions.

There are many flavours of cake available for you to order for your friends family and relatives. Delivery of the product will be made within hours of placing the order. You can either order the cake individually or order a combination of products such as cake and flowers.

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