Top Players Who Have The Greatest Strike Rates In Test Format

Test format in cricket is the eldest and slowest format among all. When he heard about tests the first things that strike in our mind are white uniforms, solid defense and perfect leaves by the batters. These things are very beautiful to watch for true cricket enthusiasts and these things make this format so beautiful and unique. The name of this format suggests that this formats test the batter’s patience, technique, mental strength and temperament.

The main basics of the Test format are the focus, winning little battles within the game and patience among the players. In this format, the strike rate of the batters is not at all vital as defense and leaving the balls is more important than trying fancy shots for scoring runs quickly. But in cricket history, some batters became successful in this format by keeping their aggressive batting style intact.

There are several players like David Warner from Australia, Chris Gayle and Viv Richards from West Indies, AB de Villiers from the South African team and a few others who were very successful in the longest format of cricket though their style of playing is different from most of the others. In Tests also these batters choose to bat aggressively just like they did in ODIs or T20Is.

List Of Top Batters Who Have Greatest Strike Rate In Test Format Of All Time

1. Shahid Afridi

The top player on our list is a fine hard-hitting all-rounder from Pakistan, Shahid Afridi. The former skipper was well known for his ability to hit hard to even the top bowlers in the world with ease. This made him one of the most fearsome all-rounders of all time in the world. Afridi also used replicated his same aggressive batting style in the test format.

In his entire test career, Afridi scored 1716 runs which include 8 half-centuries and 5 centuries. Afridi in his whole test career hit 220 fours along with 52 sixes which is a pretty big thing in the test format for a batter. Throughout his career, Afridi’s test batting strike rate was 86.97 which is equal to the batters of the ODI format.

2. Tim Southee

Many will be surprised by this name featured in this position and this list but remember, statistics and numbers never tell lie. Tim Southee from New Zealand is one of the elite bowlers of test format worldwide of all time but he is a pretty handy batter as well lower down the order. Southee scored a total of 1737 runs in his test career.As a pace bowler, Southee is always has been a serious threat to all opposition for several years but people always underestimated his batting ability. On several occasions, Southee with his aggressive batting style has helped the team in the Test format.

As a batter, Tim Southee is pretty handy and to date, he hit 169 fours along with 75 sixes. Southee is the 15th player in the world with the most number of sixes and he surpassed legendary Ricky Ponting of Australia. Southee has a batting strike rate of 84.15 in tests which is greater than some of the elite batters in this format.

3. Virender Sehwag

There is no list of aggressive batters in the world without the name Virender Sehwag, the pioneer player of aggressive batting style. His mentality to take the top bowlers in the world with ease irrespective of the format made him the stand-out opener the world has ever seen.

A brilliant stroke player, Sehwag was never frightened of taking challenges and this made him one of the most aggressive batters of all time. The only Indian opener with a massive test batting strike rate of 82.23 had 2 triple-centuries under his belt in the test format for team India.

4. Adam Gilchrist

The most aggressive wicketkeeper-batter the world has ever witnessed, Australian opener Adam Gilchrist is the fourth player featured on our list. Apart from his exceptional skill behind the wickets, Gilchrist was one of the best aggressive openers in his time for team Australia and his intention of batting in the test format was no different.

Adam Gilchrist has dawned the baggy green cap for 96 test matches where he scored a staggering 5570 runs which included 17 centuries and 27 fifties. Though in the test format, Gilchrist used to bat in the middle order and his performance there was sometimes irreplaceable. Gilchrist holds the highest strike rate as a batter for Australia in the test format of all time, 81.95. Due to his aggressive batting style, Gilchrist also became a successful batter in the IPL, which he played much after his international retirement.

5. Graeme Swann

The most unexpected name featured in this list is the former leading off-spinner of England cricket, Graeme Swann. As a bowler, Swann was pretty cunning and also he was quite handy with the bat in the lower order, especially in tests. In his entire test career, he scored 1370 runs along with 255 wickets. Swann also used to play for the Three Lions team in domestic and in his 60th match he scored a half-century along with a five-wicket haul.

As a batter, Swann was pretty aggressive. In his test career, he stroked 181 boundaries and 19 sixes which proves that he was a genuine big hitter. That is why he is featured in this list ahead of several great test batters. With bat in hand, Swann had a brilliant strike rate of 76.49 in tests which is still a very big thing in tests and especially for a frontline bowler.

This is the list of top batters with the greatest strike rate in the test format of all time. After reading this article many people want to see the videos of their matches that how they used to bat at their time who got retired in this list. You can watch today cricket video on several online streaming websites and applications on your computer, laptop and even on your mobile.

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