Types of brakes and important factors on e-bikes

When it comes to the brakes, you can choose between rim brakes, roller brakes and disc brakes.,With the rim brake, a plastic block presses against the rim and brakes the bike. This is an inexpensive braking system that is easy to adjust. However, these brakes should be used with caution on wet roads.

The roller brake is an advanced coaster brake. This is located centrally on the rim, with small rollers controlling the braking process. These brakes require little maintenance and work well even on wet roads. However, with these brakes, immediate, strong braking is less possible.

Disc brakes are the most reliable brakes – but also the most expensive. The brake disc, which is connected to a cable, is often filled with hydraulic fluid and is operated via a lever on the handlebars. It reacts quickly and ensures safe and rapid braking in any weather. Some of the e-bikes in the test also have combined braking systems.

Other important factors in the E Bike Test

In addition, numerous other factors sometimes play a role in the e-bike test. Since these can be presented in a simple and self-explanatory manner, we have summarized them in a keyword list below. When testing e-bikes, the following is also important:

  • wheel and frame size
  • What extras are installed on the electric bike?
  • How about the delivery time?
  • How much does the test e-bike cost?

The last point in particular, the purchase price of the e-bike, can of course be important with regard to the existing budget of each individual. It is important that differently equipped e-bikes as G-Force G14 can come with quite different prices. Therefore, the points presented in detail above gain an important basis. Because the cheapest e-bike on the market may not be useful to you because important features are missing. On the other hand, the most expensive pedelec on the market can sometimes come with too many unnecessary, cost-intensive extras. In this respect, the same applies here: not all prices are the same.

The age of the test

Last but not least, a very important point: the age of the e-bike test. At first glance, this seems like a strange factor. But in reality, pedelecs have developed enormously in recent years. That is why an e-bike test 2016 looks very different from an e-bike test 2017, a test e-bike 2018 or even a current test of the latest generation of bicycles with an electric auxiliary motor. It is therefore always worth looking at the year of the corresponding test. Because an E Bikes 2018 test may already have been overtaken by technical advances in 2019.

E bikes tested by Stiftung Warentest and ADAC

Many people today have particular trust in organizations or clubs such as Stiftung Warentest or the ADAC. That’s why people like to look for an E Bike Test 2017 Stiftung Warentest or an E Bike Test 2018 Stiftung Warentest as well as an E Bike Test ADAC. Because here it is expected that these tests are actually objective, regardless of the brand or the manufacturer. That’s why ADAC or Stiftung Warentest are happy to be taken into account in tests and comparisons. However, it is worth looking at whether it is an E Bike Test 2016, an E Bike Test 2017, an E Bike Test 2018 or a comparison with current E Bikes in the E Bike Test Stiftung Warentest or ADAC. The last test by Stiftung Warentest was from 2018 and deals with twelve trekking pedelecs, including brands such as Cube, Kalkhoff and Kettler – with prices ranging from 2,000 to 2,900 euros.

Individual wishes and requirements are trumps

Finally, if we want to refer to the perfect e-bike test, there is no such thing. Because the individual wishes and requirements of each individual potential buyer are different. Therefore, in the run-up to a possible new e-bike purchase, the points and facts mentioned by us should be dealt with in detail. This is how you find your personal best e-bike test. The more individual you look at the e-bikes in the test, the greater the chance of success in finding the pedelec that is best suited to you personally.

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