What Are Types of Research Which Can Help to Suggest a Hypothesis?

What is Research?

Research is a systematic and creative way of getting solutions to a problem. It helps in developing an in-depth understanding of a specific research area. There are different chapters and segments involved in conducting the compelling research. Analyzing different theories and research is an integral part of conducting proper research. It also helps in the selection of a topic statement. The analysis of data leads to making a clear hypothesis. It is also helpful for thesis statements and research questions. The study focus on the validation or rejection of the hypothesis. The thesis statement and hypothesis statements are part of the introduction chapter. These statements determine the direction of the research. This article will focus on the different types of studies to suggest a hypothesis. There are three major categories of study:

  1. A qualitative study
  2. A quantitative study
  3. A mixed study

What is Hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a statement that helps in proving a particular theory. The hypothesis’s scope also includes an analysis of research questions and references from past studies. Two significant divisions include the null and the alternative hypothesis. Each statement is further divided into two parts. These parts are dependent variables and independent variables. There are four steps to making good hypothesis statements.

  1. To collect a variety of observations and challenges relating to the study.
  2. To evaluate different studies for solutions to the problems.
  3. To prepare a list of essential information.
  4. To judge falsifiability among the selected hypothesis statements.

Use of Quantitative Study to Suggest a Hypothesis

The hypothesis statement in a quantitative study contains variables with some relationship. A quantitative study can suggest a hypothesis to compare different population segments. The hypothesis statement in a quantitative study helps determine the scope of study questions. Therefore, qualitative study leads to drive solid results and arguments.

After the data collection mechanism, hypothesis tests are conducted. The qualitative study method generates the results in numerical form. The placement of these results is set according to their respective category. The clarity in the results will help to draw solid conclusions. The only challenge during this study is the population. The population segment in this study may include non-specialists.

Use of Qualitative Study to Suggest a Hypothesis

The hypothesis statement in a qualitative study methodology consists of expected results from variables and statistical experiments. This type of study is opinion-based and uses different studies, surveys, and focus groups as sources of data collection. These resources lead to drawing results in a qualitative study. It is a time taking mechanism. Moreover, this study method is recommended to use only by the field experts. Otherwise, it may contain biased statements that may lead to generating incredible results.

The writer may face challenges in designing a hypothesis statement during the qualitative study. One of the main challenges is the difficulty of understanding and analysing the dependent and independent variables. A qualitative study is based on an analytical study. Hence it may include biased opinions. The biased opinion in the study will compromise the authenticity of the study.

Use of Mixed Study to Suggest A Hypothesis

The mixed study approach is an integration of qualitative and quantitative study techniques. The writer has an option to design the hypothesis according to the format of the qualitative study. The author in this scenario needs to analyse using a quantitative method. The author can also design the hypothesis according to the format of the quantitative study. For this method, the writer must analyse according to the resources of the qualitative study. The study can also design two different hypotheses and test them accordingly.

Characteristics to Suggest a Hypothesis Statement

The hypothesis statement makes predictions about the results. The basis of this prediction is to evaluate knowledge, information and experiences. The basis of the hypothesis statement is on past studies or theoretical models. In order to suggest a hypothesis in any type of study, the author needs to pay attention to a few things.

  • The clarity in the language expression
  • The statement must not be generic but have a specific focus
  • Link the study questions and the hypothesis statement of the study
  • The use of a testable hypothesis statement
  • To prepare the procedure to test the hypothesis statement
  • To make sure that the hypothesis consists of both dependent and independent variables

These points can be a checklist to suggest a hypothesis in any type of study.

Formation of a Compelling Hypothesis Statement

An explanation in the preceding section helps in understanding the testable hypothesis statement. The hypothesis statement should be concise and clear. It is not just a statement, it helps in stating complex situations in the shape of a sentence. To build an effective hypothesis statement, there are three stages. The problem statement should be in simple words and must reflect clear thoughts and ideas. An ideal hypothesis statement consists of a sentence structure containing “if-then” statements. The hypothesis statement must clearly define the dependent and independent variables.


The purpose of conducting any study is to reach a solid conclusion. The whole study revolves around the thesis statement and hypothesis statement factors. Therefore, it is essential to suggest a hypothesis according to the research questions and topic statement. This study explains how to suggest a hypothesis in different types of studies. The essential characteristics and formation of a hypothesis can lead to the design of compelling hypothesis statements. Although there are three major types of studies. These types include qualitative, quantitative, and mixed studies. However, the process of suggesting a hypothesis remains the same for each study type.

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