Advantages and drawbacks of Network Interface Card (NIC)

Network Interface Card:

Network Interface Card is an Associate in Nursing instrumentality unit, that is inherent within a computer provided with an opening, it associates the computer to a computer network for correspondence with totally different gadgets by suggests that of transports. There are various equivalents for network interface cards like network connector, neighborhood (LAN) card or actual Network interface card/Network card, local area network regulator or ethernet connector, network regulator, and association card.

Options of Network Interface Card:

Network interface card bolsters much all commonplace transports for info move between the PCs or gadgets.

  • The connectors or transports move as Associate in Nursing go-between for correspondence changes over the correspondence between totally different gadgets from serial correspondence to tally correspondence or equal correspondence to sequential correspondence.
  • It in addition styles info keen about the engineering of the Network.
  • Network Interface Card card NIC is an instrumentality part, wherever network regulators are incorporated onto a circuit made full that utilizes a regular OSI model of seven layers to impart. It acts sort of a trans-collector, where it will send and acquire at the same time whereas speaking with different gadgets.

Assume within the event that we want to talk with Associate in Nursingother gadget, allow us to settle for the instance of client and worker, wherever the correspondence between them happens by right off the bat impartation signs to the particular layer, and afterwards causing info bundles to the Network layer that is an interface at TCP/IP. Association with the motherboard is created utilizing any of the accompaniments through these elements as follows:

  • PCI connective
  • ISA connector
  • PCI-E
  • FireWire
  • USB
  • Thunderclap.

Benefits of Network Interface Card :

  • The following are some of the benefits of using a Network Interface Card.
  • The information flow between the hubs is quite dependable.
  • Monumental lives of knowledge are often shared or captive between various clients.
  • The online speed for correspondence creation is often high in gigabytes.
  • By victimising numerous ports of NIC cards that are given, many peripherals will get stopped.
  • The correspondence speed utilizing the net is high generally in Gigabytes.
  • Various fringe gadgets can be associated utilizing numerous ports of NIC cards.
  • Mass information can be divided between numerous clients.

Drawbacks of Network Interface Card:

  • The hindrances of Network Interface Card are as per the following.
  • Badly designed if there ought to arise an event of wired link NIC, because it isn’t a convenient sort of a remote switch.
  • The planning should be legitimate for higher correspondence.
  • info is unstable.
  • By victimising various ports of NIC cards that are given, many peripherals will get stopped.
  • Security is marginal low.
  • to form fine correspondence the arrangement should be exact.
  • At the purpose once wired links are used in Network Interface Cards transportability isn’t economical and causes inconveniences.

Wireless Network NIC:

Wireless network NIC cards have a small antenna embedded into the card, which enables wireless connection between multiple devices via the router and other network protocols.

One such example of a wireless network NIC cards is fibre knowledge digital interface FDDI. In an exceedingly case where data has got to be transmitted over long distances, in such cases, a fibre data digital interface FDDI construct is employed that interprets data into digital pulses and communicates using optical fibre. FDDI is ring-type architecture, which is of 100mbps, transmission, and retransmission for a protracted distance is a bonus of FDDI.


The following are some of the uses for a Network Interface Card:

the pc uses NIC for knowledge exchange over a network like documents, images, files, and so forth

Applicable for wireless communication devices like Firewalls, Bridges, Repeater.

Hubs, switches, routers, cellphones, and other wired communication equipment are all candidates.

Thus, this text briefs out regarding network interface cards or network interface controller that is Associate in Nursing electronic hardware element integrated with computers. the most purpose of this is often to speak with different devices either wired or wirelessly. During this article, we’ve got to see sorts of NIC, it’s operating with examples, advantages, disadvantages, and applications. The main vendors of network interface cards are Intel, Cisco, D-Link, and so forth.

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