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Are You The Topic Of Office Chitchat?

Dermexa™ Good Skin Day™ Balancing Emulsion isn’t just a moisturizer. It’s an expertly formulated solution for dry skin that brings you one step closer to solving your biggest skin concerns and having conversations about things other than your skin! When it comes to dry skin, we know you want to get healthy, glowing skin fast. But with so many different products on the market, it can be tough to find the right formula for you. With AVEENO® Dermexa™ Good Skin Day™ Balancing Emulsion, there’s no need to stress over what works and what doesn’t.

This clinically proven formula addresses dryness at its source by balancing moisture levels in just 7 days and providing long-lasting hydration without feeling greasy on your skin. Plus, when your sensitive skin is nourished with naturally active colloidal oatmeal—which has been proven effective in soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin for over 65 years—you can finally have a “good” day at work and stop being the topic of everyone else’s chitchat!

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When your skin is a sensitive topic, it’s hard to find products that work.

When your skin is a sensitive topic, it’s hard to find products that work. Dry, itchy skin is a common problem among many people and can be embarrassing. Your skin issues can be frustrating as well. People may look at you differently if they think that something about your body bothers them.

For example, if someone asks what’s wrong with your face or hands and then offers advice without knowing the full story, they could inadvertently trigger another bout of irritation (or worse—a strong reaction).

When you chat with your friends about how to solve your skin problems

If you’re like me, then every so often one of your friends will ask you how your skin is doing. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a friend or two who will listen to me go on and on about what’s new with my skin.

When I have someone in my life who will listen to me and help me solve the problems with my skin, it makes me feel so much better! It’s not quite as satisfying as a good massage but it’s pretty close.

You can avoid those uncomfortable conversations

If you’re feeling like your skin is getting the short end of the stick at work, we’ve got some good news for you. You can avoid those uncomfortable conversations if you incorporate the right products into your routine and get rid of dry, tight skin for good.

It might seem obvious—but how often do we actually think about our skincare? Our focus tends to be more on what we’re putting inside our bodies: when’s lunch, who’s going out tonight—and while those things are important (especially since they impact how well our body can function), it’s just as crucial to pay attention to what goes on outside our bodies too.

When it comes down to it, taking care of your body starts with taking care of yourself from head to toe—and that includes what’s happening below the surface. If there are any concerns about dryness or flakiness in certain areas (say, around your eyes), then look into products specifically designed to address those issues rather than using something more generic and potentially ineffective from another category.


You deserve to feel confident in your skin, and that starts with taking a proactive approach to your skin care. We’ve learned that the right products are the secret to good skin. Try AVEENO® Dermexa™ Good Skin Day™ Balancing Emulsion, and you’ll be on your way to “good skin day” after “good skin day.”

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