How dual-career couples can work things out

Life in the modern world has become complicated. Lifestyles have become expensive. Previously what were considered as frivolities have become necessities now.

Therefore, single-income households are decreasing in frequency. Nowadays, both partners tend to actively pursue their careers, for not only their individual growth but to sustain their lifestyles. Career coaching in Dubai is also gaining traction among couples, as naturally, every couple aspires to have a luxurious lifestyle that cannot be provided by a single partner.

However, dual-career couples also run into a lot of friction and tension, especially when there is competition between the couple itself. Having a busy corporate life that involves too much traveling can also put a strain on the couple.

But it is possible to work things out and have a satisfying relationship alongside work-life.

Tips for dual-career couples to work things out

Understand the issues

You might not voice it, but there are bigger challenges facing dual-earning couples. And leaving them can lead to conflict, tension, and rift.

Therefore, address these psychological, practical, and financial issues. You must establish some ground rules as having these can prevent your relationship from suffering. For example, you can put a limit to work-related conversation. Be understanding towards the career demands of each other. Do not trivialize the partner’s problems or work-related issues. Be mindful of the sentiments of your partner, especially when they have had an exhausting day at work. Set up roles in the house so no one partner is overburdened.

Do not let the social pressures get to you

Often, in most cultures, men have the role to provide financially for the family, while women are left with the domestic chores. Unfortunately, it does not bode well for the working women, as they are then overworked.

Hence, to let your relationship work with your career, you must not fall trap to these sociocultural practices that disadvantage one partner. Rise above these norms, and devise systems that equally divide labor.

Do not focus on finances alone

Many times, the career of the partner who brings in more money is prioritized. While you might consider it practical, it is not viable, as you do need social support and emotional stability to survive as well.

Therefore, pay heed to the psychological and emotional implications of your careers, and the respective moves you might have had to make.

Have the talk

Ignoring matters does not resolve them, therefore, be committed to openly communicating with each other. Otherwise, resentment will brew. So, no matter how awkward the conversation is, have it.

Get counseling

At times, the conflicts caused by careers need a more robust form of help by a couple’s counselor. Unlike what is commonly perceived, couples counseling is not an admission of defeat, but it is an expression of you wanting to improve things.

A professional can help you work things out, especially if the couple is running into frequent issues that they cannot resolve by themselves.

 And even if you have decided to part ways, counselling for separate couples can be of help in amicably ending the relationship, especially if children are involved. For getting professional help, you can consult Fitcy Health, which has over 200 mental health experts available at affordable rates.

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