What equipment to use to move with complete peace of mind?

The move is fast approaching, and you don’t know what equipment to buy? We have drawn up a list of suitable equipment to move alone and with complete peace of mind.

The essential for moving: cardboard

The first material that comes to mind and that we cannot forget: is cardboard. To pack your goods, you will have to invest in quality boxes. We recommend taking strong boxes suitable for moving, which will withstand transport to avoid breakage. For the packaging of fragile objects such as plates and glasses, there are several solutions:

  • Some boxes include storage inside to prevent glasses, plates, or bottles from touching and breaking.
  • The roll of bubble wrap to wrap your fragile items.

There are different sizes of cardboard.

To protect your furniture during transport, the cover is an excellent way to fight against impacts or cracks. We recommend wardrobe cardboard for your most delicate clothes, which will prevent them from crumbling.

Small tools

Here is the list of the main small tools essential to the organization of the move:

  • Roll of bubble wrap to protect all your fragile belongings.
  • Quality trash bag: for storing textiles, sheets, towels, etc.
  • Marker: to identify your boxes. You can also use colored labels.
  • To wrap your boxes: cutter, scissors, adhesive tape with a dispenser that makes it easier to unroll the adhesive.
  • For the transport and protection of boxes: strings, ropes, turnbuckles, lifting cables, etc.
  • Depending on the truck or your home, bringing a stepladder, a step, or a ladder is advisable to avoid damaging your back.
  • If you haven’t kept your rug and mattress storage bag, you can get them for less than 25 pounds from Britwrap.
  • For dismantling furniture: a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, screwdrivers
  • Gloves: for your safety.

The heavy equipment

The truck/van: How to choose your truck? There are many van/utility rental agencies with varying prices. Be careful to clearly identify the volume of your goods. If you are unable to assess the dimensions, seek advice from a moving professional.

The furniture lift: essential for mounting bulky and heavy boxes/furniture. Discover our furniture lift solutions with a professional mover. Trolleys and hand trucks can also transport bulky objects.

We believe that a well-executed move is a well-planned move. With this list of tools necessary for the preparation for the execution, you will have an optimal organization.

Tools to pack, of course, but also to protect you and find your way around, all for moving and moving in without stress.

For the Journey, Unloading, and Moving

Throughout your preparation, put aside everything that will serve you and that it would be inconvenient to bury in boxes.

The documents, for example, that you will need for account terminations and openings.

Prepare a suitcase with clothes and toiletries for the first few days.

Ditto for the kitchen. Prepare bags with the bare minimum for the first morning, coffee and coffee maker, and dry food (pasta, for example) for the first meals.

Also, prepare a bag of household products that will allow you to clean up as you set up or unpack the boxes.

If you haven’t already done so, remember to prepare a label with your name to put it on your new mailbox right away.

At the new home for D-Day

  • A first aid kit (prevention is better)
  • Disposable tableware
  • Water and sandwiches
  • Garbage bags

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