Compact Power Connectors: Advantages and Disadvantages

Compact Power Connectors

Whether you need to connect two devices or power equipment, you can rely on the versatility of Compact Power Connectors. They can be small, and lightweight, but still provide safe interconnection coupling at mains voltage. Here are some common uses for Compact Power Connectors. If you’re designing a small electrical device, this type of connector is the best option. Read on for more information. This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Compact Power Connectors.


M12 Power connectors are specially designed to deliver maximum power in a compact form. These power cables can supply devices with a power of up to 16 A and 630 V. Their compact size opens new areas of application. The connectors are available in five coming, shielded, and unshielded. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find a wide range of options for power cabling.

Phoenix Contact has extended the M12 Power connector range. M12 Power connectors come with lit wires for protection and two positions for powering. These connectors have a conductor cross section of 1.5 mm2 and are approved for rated currents of 16 A. Rated voltages are up to 630V and they feature a robust M16 X 1.5 metal thread. They are available in both socket and pin versions and can be installed on the front or rear of a machine.

M12 connectors come in shielded and unshielded versions and used in both AC and DC applications. They are also available in five coding, including 4-pin L-code, which is highly recommended by the PROFIBUS and PROFINET user organizations. They are UL-listed and tested for safety under UL 2237 and are capable of handling voltages up to 600 VAC.

Phoenix Contact’s M12 power connectors are fast-locking and provide secure cabling for devices. Its FINEPITCH connector series provides board-to-board connectors for industrial applications. The company is a worldwide leader in electrical connection, electronic interface, and industrial automation. The company is a fully integrated manufacturer and focuses on the common good and benefit of all its customers.

Wieland Electric

A global manufacturer of innovative electrical interconnect technology, Wieland Electric Inc., has expanded its product line to include rectangular industrial connectors. Designed with a durable, low-profile plastic or metal housing, these new connectors are available with either five or twelve poles and a ground connection. For ease of installation and low contact resistance, these connectors are suitable for both a wide range of applications.

The RST Mini circular power connector from Wieland Electric Inc. has a type 4X/6P IP69K protection and is suitable for exterior applications. Moreover, this new product family includes three and five-pole models rated for up to 300V and 16A. The three-pole model features a 20mm diameter and is suitable for use in industrial applications. Unlike the five-pole RST model, the RST MINI also comes with an IP69K protection rating.

Founded of Wieland Electric

Founded in 1910, Wieland Electric is a German family business. With over 2200 employees, Wieland Electric is still family-owned and is the leader in pluggable installation technology. The company offers full design assistance and safety software for critical applications. You can find its products in many industries including HVAC, elevator, and commercial ventures. Its medium-sized family-run company has manufacturing facilities around the world and continues to expand its product portfolio.

The RST(r) Power series offers compact, reliable connectors with a high current carrying capacity. Its compact design makes it easy to install, and its IP66/67 rating makes it a versatile option. Its design also allows mounting to M32 cable gland cutouts and provides a centering option for M32 cables. Moreover, its connectors can be easily inserted into feed-through holes.

Anderson Power Products

If you’re looking for a high-current, quick-disconnect power connector, then you’ll want to check out the options from Anderson Power Products. These products range from 70A to 1,000V and feature the most diverse selection of AC/DC power connections on the market. You can choose from various contact options and even configure the connectors for PCB mounting, bus bar mounting, or panel mounting. Whether you’re installing a high-voltage system in an office or a factory, these products will ensure your power supply stays up and running.

The company manufactures a range of high-quality DC connectors, standardizing on the SBS75X series and its Brown variant. These high-powered connectors feature safety features, with colors denoting the DC voltage range. The safety features of these connectors mean that they’re only compatible with other connectors of the same color. These products are designed to be used in industrial settings, where the need for high-voltage connections is more critical. Anderson Power Products also recommends that users use a crimping tool.


In addition to the SB series, Anderson Power Products also manufacture a range of Multipole connectors. The original SB series set the standard for rugged DC power connections. Its successor, the SB series, features the same rugged contact method, as well as flexibility in the number of conductors and polarity configurations. The Power pole series designed for rugged and reliable DC power connections. These connectors are available in various sizes, ranging from SBS mini to SB(r)350.

Developed by Anderson Power Products, the Power pole(r) series meets a wide range of power connection requirements. Its four different housing sizes can accommodate different wire sizes and amperage. Anderson Power Products also offers multiple colors, contacts, and wire-to-wire, board, and busbar connections. In addition to the power pole series, the company’s other product lines include the Power pole (r) series and SB(r) Series.

Positronic Industries

A leading value supplier of Advanced CA Zone 1 and Compact PCI connectors, Positronic has recently released a new power connector for Microtrap power modules. The “QB” series of connectors includes board-mount and cable connectors for bringing power to the modules. These new connectors comply with Microtrap Specification requirements for 48V and 24V. These new connectors can withstand extreme pressure and temperature changes.

The Compact Power Connectors from Positronic are designed for applications requiring high current through a small package. High-power capabilities and three levels of sequential mating are also available. This connector family also includes many environmental options and PCB mount options. It also boasts a unique one-quarter-turn locking system for added security. Whether the application requires AC or D.C power, the compact design makes it possible to connect multiple power sources without the use of external power supplies.


In the medical field, power supply safety is critical. Medical electrical equipment must be reliable and hygienic and must meet strict requirements for hygiene and operation. To meet these demands, SCHURTER produces components for medical equipment and aligns its innovations with the latest trends in the industry. The company has its own research and development department to create products that meet specific industry needs. Whether a medical device requires a flange-mount configuration, a panel-mount installation, or a vertical-to-horizontal arrangement, SCHURTER has the right product for the job.

SCHURTER’s compact KEA series power entry module mates with V-Lock cord sets. These cords feature a built-in 1-pole fuse holder, preventing unintentional power disconnection. V-Lock cord sets latch into the KEA housing, providing additional protection against unintentional power disconnection. The company’s V-Lock power cords are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including hospital-grade NEMA 5-15 versions. Medical-grade SCHURTER products are certified to meet the highest quality standards. The company uses quality management systems for all its products and features country-specific testing labels. Customers benefit from short delivery times and the expertise of its team of specialists. Furthermore, SCHURTER’s products are highly durable. SCHURTER is committed to helping medical professionals improve their workflow and ensure patient safety. In the process of creating innovative products and solutions, SCHURTER pays special attention to the medical market.

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