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Samsung Galaxy A54: Every Trait You Need to Explore about it

The keystone of the Samsung’s 2023 Galaxy A line packs in some great updates over its predecessor but the battery time claims get short of what is assured and more strongest smartphones may be had for similar price or lower.  Seldom happen to be the mid-range smartphones as ideal as their specific flagship counterparts but this specific brand’s Galaxy A series are the notable variants in the market and it is the reason why it has got huge fame in the smartphone world. Additionally, serving as the leading smartphone of this brand globally that the money may buy. They have witness great success in the previous generations, with both the stunning Galaxy A50 as well as Galaxy A51 being the top-selling smartphones in the world in their specific launching years making the great arrival of this newest variety for 2023 “the remarkable Samsung Galaxy A54”. 

Interestingly, a few days shy of a year from the primer of the Galaxy A53, the brand revealed both the impressive Galaxy A34 5G and Galaxy A54 aiming for rejuvenating the brand’s presence in the middle-range Android smartphone in the market. As the numbering manifests, it is the A54 that is the crammed-featured of these 2 current A line options; with the great build and more amazing competent cameras along with the more potential at its disposal. Just fewer weeks prior to the A54’s great launch, the brand made the huge announcement of the replacement to the silicon that motorized Galaxy A53 called the Exynos 1380 and yes it is the chip that assists the A54 ideally to offer great performance.


At the surface, the A54 has the same display to its specific predecessor, however, this tech brand has made small yet great updates delivering the better viewing experience for customers. Moving from the 20:9 to the 19.5:9 aspect ratio reveals the A54 owns the Full HD+ display that is the 0.1-inches lesser compared its predecessor with the 6.4-inches. Usually, a small screen with the similar resolution suggests the sharper picture among generations, but as it is the aspect rate that has brought this size alteration, image sharpness does remain reliable. While exploring a wide array of tech markets in the online world, you cannot forget to visit the one called Amazon, so rush there and you find a bunch of Android phones. For having great discounts, it is very necessary that you have the Amazon coupon code, so get your hands over it and make tech shopping affordable.

Battery & Processor

Like as with the brand’s flagship smartphones Samsung opted to ignore the power-adapter right from the Galaxy A53’s box and it continues with the fantastic A54 that comes boxed with the remarkable USB-C cable, paperwork sim tool. At the time of charging your A54, though, it is assessed for matching the 25W fast-charging speed of the Galaxy S23 that the brand promises of a complete charge in 82 minutes or even less. Furthermore, the battery capacity of this awesome phone is 5000mAh strengthening this smartphone to offer great battery time. As it comes to its processor, the Exynos 1380 processor comprises of the 4 high-quality cores enabling speedy app-loading as well as multitasking. You also notice the four power superb cores ensuring long battery time. Additionally, the enhanced scheduler allocates the tasks ideally to specific CPU cores for the fast as well as power-friendly computing.


Yes, its camera has always been in the limelight when it comes to the brand’s Galaxy A series and the latest lead 50MP f/1.8 sensor on this phone the looks like a perfect move than to the 64MP sensor its predecessor has. Despite a little drop in the resolution, the rush to the larger 1/1.56-inch up from the 1/1.7-inch sensor with big 1µm pixels
up from the 0.8µm and enhanced array of motion from the OIS system 1.5-degrees extended from the 0.95 means a lot. Yes, it offers the enhanced image capturing experience specifically in the little-light.

Storage Capacity

Speaking of its storage choices, so it comes with the varieties such as 128GB, 256GB and 1TB and the RAM options are 8GB and 6GB. Though, 6GB also works well but when it comes to have the superb gaming experience, people prefer the 8GB pick that gets things fast on your mobile. While exploring more, you notice the RAM Plus trait enabling you to use the portion of your smartphone’s storage as extra memory so maximum apps stay simultaneously with speeding-up the to speed up the downloading.


Just few weeks prior to the Galaxy A54’s launch, brand’s semiconductor dragged the wraps off the remarkable Exynos 1380 and it operates as the heir to the Exynos 1280 that happened to power the Galaxy A53. Yes, it was actually the 1380’s declaration that aided as the last bigger indicator that the remarkable Galaxy A54 was going to launch. Additionally, it has been developed on the similar 5nm process to the Exynos 1280, the 1380 is built for delivering the great power as well as efficiency along with the excellent graphical performance that is must for gaming. It also offers the great NPU for handling the AI-influenced tasks such as photo processing.  

The Launching Time of This Great Smartphone

Yes, the pre-orders started right from the day this stunning smartphone was released and it was March 15. Furthermore, it is globally available in all the tech markets and interestingly, people also enjoyed having the pre-order extra with the amazing Galaxy Buds 2. Additionally, the price of this gadget starts from $449 for a base model of 125GB and 6GB RAM. Moreover, this interesting smartphone went on the sale on 6 April and since then it has been the leading Android phone in the market catering to your particular needs.

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