How Do I Fix an OST Error That Says “File Access Is Denied”?

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email program. However, when users try to open an OST file in MS Outlook, they may get stuck and experience various issues. The error “File Access Is Denied” is one example.

I recently came across one such instance where a user encountered the same error.

Hello there, everyone!

I have users who have an extra mailbox associated with their profile.

They get the following error when they try to access the mailbox items by opening MS Outlook and selecting the appropriate profile:

Access to the files is restricted. You do not have the necessary permissions to open the file C:…… – name .ost.

Is there anything in your settings that could be causing this?

It causes Outlook to stop working and may result in permanent data loss. So, let’s try to learn some troubleshooting techniques to fix MS Outlook errors and get rid of them.

How to Fix “File Access Is Denied”

Fix 1: Uncheck the ‘Read-only’ attribute – we can solve the problem by disabling the Read-only option.

  • Go to Control Panel, then select Mail from the All Control Panel Items menu.
  • Select the Data files option, then the OST file, and then click Open file location.
  • After that, right-click on the OST file and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Now uncheck the Read-Only box, click Apply, and then OK.

Fix 2: Open MS Outlook as an Administrator – Opening MS Outlook as an Administrator can Help you Fix the Problem.

  • Select properties from the right-click menu of the Outlook icon application.
  • Then decide on compatibility.
  • Now, check the “Run this program as an administrator” box and click OK.

Fix 3: Modify User Access Control Settings – Check to see If the User has Full Control Permissions.

  • Right-click on the OST file, then select the Security tab from the properties menu.
  • Now, go to the edit tab and then to the add tab.
  • Type everyone in the “user or group” window and click the check names button.
  • After that, select everyone and press the full control tab, then OK.

Fix number four: SCANOST.EXE (Integrity Check Tool) – If you’re still having problems, it’s possible that your OST file is corrupt. In this case, Microsoft Outlook includes a built-in diagnostic tool for file repair. this is the default OST file repair tool. It determines the cause of the OST file’s failure and repairs it. This tool is good for minor OST file recovery, but if the problem is more serious, ScanOST might not be able to help.

Now, if the built-in app fails to fix “File Access Is Denied” the corruption and is unable to repair the OST file. You can convert inaccessible/corrupted OST to Outlook importable PST format using OST to PST converter software in this case. Any level of corruption can be fixed with an OST to PST conversion tool. It will also allow you to read data from an inaccessible OST file without losing any information.


When using an emailing application such as MS Outlook, the error message is very common. Such an error not only obstructs work but also increases the risk of data loss. As a result, the above manual methods can be used to effectively resolve these issues. However, if the problem persists, using an OST to PST converter is the most effective way to resolve any OST file errors.

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