How to Split a Large PDF into Multiple Pages Easily

Feel free to show me how to split a large PDF into multiple pages or over numerous pages because I have a 3 GB PDF on my hands. And I’m looking for a reliable solution that will allow me to retrieve pages from a PDF file without losing any data or layout. I need to send some of my PDF pages as an attachment in an email to my coworkers.
This post is for you if you’re experiencing the same issue.

Using Google Chrome, Split a PDF Manually.

Google Chrome’s Print command lets you split and extract pages from PDF files. To split import multiple vCard contacts to Outlook a PDF into multiple pages, follow these instructions:

  • With the help of Chrome, open large PDFs.
  • Tap CTRL+P or click on the Print icon.
  • The Print window appears on the screen.
  • You may now input the needed page numbers.
  • Finally, click “Save.”

Here’s what’s wrong with this manual solution: If you’re working with a PDF that has, say, 10 pages, this is an excellent way to use it. To print or save the selected PDF page, one must provide the correct page number. And if you’re working with huge and essential PDF files, this is VERY TIME-CONSUMING and NOT AT ALL PROFESSIONAL to Combine Multiple PST Files into One

To divide PDFs, you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Get Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in its complete form.

To Divide a PDF into Multiple Pages, Follow These:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC should be launched.
  • Go to the File menu.
  • To open a PDF file, pick Open.
  • Select a document from the drop-down menu and press Split Documents.

The ‘Split document’ screen would appear; pick the required choices and then press OK. The following are the alternatives available to you:

A certain number of pages Select the number of pages per split that should be the utmost.
Size of the file: Separate the PDF file into sections based on its maximum size.
Bookmarks at the highest level One could utilize this feature if the PDF has bookmarked pages.

Noteworthy Points:

  • By selecting ‘Apply to Numerous’, you may split a PDF into multiple parts.
  • Pick the required PDF from the Add Files menu and hit OK.
  • Finally, save the numerous PDF files to any location and hit OK.
  • Utilizing Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has certain drawbacks. To divide a PDF into many pages, you must first purchase the full edition of this program. As well as the majority of customers have said that this approach is unreliable, thus they advocate using a certified PDF splitter.

Utilizing a Robust Tool to Split a Large PDF into Multiple Pages

Here’s a remedy that’s both dependable and elegant. It’s available in a free version that can divide into five PDFs. Download the Split & Merge Tool here.
For splitting a PDF onto multiple pages, merely follow these four steps:

  • To divide PDFs, select ‘Add Files’ or ‘Add Folder.’
  • Select from a variety of PDF split settings, including Size, Odd Pages, Even, Range, Split By Page, and Each Page.
  • Select the ‘Split’ option.
  • After the execution, a pop-up window displays. Select OK.

Why Am I Endorsing This Tool?

Year after year, as a technical specialist, I compile all of my assets (technical material, expertise, and approaches) into a single PDF. I began looking for material for one of my technical articles one day. However, I was unable to locate anything on the subject.

I went to YouTube to look for a solution to my difficulty, and that’s how I learned about this program. I tested the free version and decided to buy it permanently.

This application assisted me in efficiently splitting a PDF into numerous files without losing any data or formatting.

I seemed to be able to send the PDFs as email attachments after utilizing this program, and I was able to find the statistics I needed.

A Professional’s Opinions

CNET- It’s an excellent method for dividing a PDF across many pages.
Soft32- offers a 5-star rating & states that this program is a hassle-free way to divide PDFs.
SoftwareSuggest- praised it for its outstanding execution.
Software Informer & Softpedia- A virus-free & clean service test was undertaken.

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