How to Stay Calm During IELTS Speaking?

Without a doubt, IELTS speaking is the section of the exam that many applicants dread. It’s a 14-15 minute segment in which IELTS test-takers interact with an English-speaking examiner and communicate in English. You may not speak English in your daily life if you are a candidate from a non-English speaking background. This might make you uneasy when you have to talk in front of the examiner in English.

Keep in mind that anxiousness affects not only your fluency but also your demeanour throughout the exam. As a result, you must prepare yourself in such a manner that you can overcome your fears and seem confident on the IELTS speaking exam. The following suggestions can assist you in avoiding anxiousness during IELTS speaking. Improve your speaking abilities so that you can speak English fluently. You may visit the top IELTS facility in Jalandhar for excellent instruction to prepare effectively for IELTS speaking.

Here are some techniques for calming your anxieties during IELTS speaking:

Know what the examiner will be looking for

Do you have any idea what the examiner will look for in IELTS speaking? If not, how could you possibly prepare for that level? What are you going to work on? Which abilities will you hone? As a result, make sure you fully comprehend the test requirements and abilities that the examiner will be looking for. We’ve mentioned a few things the examiner will look at to make it easier for you:

  1. Coherence and fluency
  2. lexical database
  3. Grammar
  4. Pronunciation

To improve your speaking abilities, you must evaluate all of these variables and practise them. It’s worth noting that your IELTS speaking band score is fully determined by these factors.

Speak in the English language

Your stress levels will be reduced if you make it a practice to speak English on a regular basis. You will learn a lot about grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary if you speak English every day. These principles can help you improve your English language skills and lower your chances of making mistakes. You will also notice a significant increase in your self-assurance. You’ll notice that you used to be hesitant to speak English, but now you can do it fluently and confidently. As a result, engage in English discussion in your daily life at school, college, the office, and the local market.

Take a few deep breaths

Do you realise how beneficial deep breathing can be? If not, let us tell you that taking deep breaths can help you relax. It will soothe your thoughts and assist you in avoiding anxiousness. So, while you’re waiting for your time at the testing facility, start taking deep breaths to help you relax. This may be done not just during the exam, but also during IELTS exam preparation. This will assist you to get rid of your nerves and allow you to focus on your preparation. This is a rather simple task. Simply take a deep breath in, count to ten, and then exhale. To avoid a nervous collapse, repeat this technique 8-10 times.

Wear clothing that you are comfortable in

Clothes influence not just your personality, but also your thoughts and behaviours. Wearing unflattering clothing will make you feel insecure and make you appear uneasy. As a result, you should dress comfortably because the examiner will not evaluate your speaking abilities based on your clothing choices. Aside from that, be sure to dress for the weather in order to feel comfortable and calm.

Increase your practice time

You must practise more in order to erase your flaws and gain confidence. Even if you speak English on a regular basis, you should take practice exams to obtain a sense of how difficult the actual exam will be. So, switch on your phone’s voice recorder, set the timer, and begin a speaking practise session. Answer each question with confidence and appropriate movements. Pay attention to the cue card round and take note of the right timing in that round. After that, make a list of your faults and try harder to correct them. Regular practice will assist you in overcoming your weaknesses and boosting your confidence.

Do you wish to take the IELTS exam with confidence? If so, overcome your anxiety by bolstering your preparation with the help of the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

To summarise:

To summarise, you may easily avoid anxiety when studying for the IELTS exam if you keep a few things in mind. So, to calm down anxiousness during IELTS speaking, use the above-mentioned guidelines and put up a strong effort in preparation.

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