Popular Misconceptions About IELTS Exam

Do you believe everything going around about the IELTS exam? If yes, then be ready to wreck your IELTS exam preparation. Remember that not everything you hear is right. You must know that there are a bunch of rumors about the IELTS exam going around every corner. So, before believing anything blindly, ensure to do proper research and know whether it is actually true or not. Otherwise, you may fall in the trap of people who only aim to mislead you. 

Yes, laborious work and regular practice are required to achieve a high band score in the IELTS exam but keeping yourself away from the folktales is also equally important. So, sink into this article and observe the things mentioned below to save yourself from misconceptions during IELTS exam preparation. Still, if you have any doubts regarding something you heard about the IELTS exam, you can clarify all your doubts by contacting the leading platform that offers the best IELTS online coaching

Here are some popular myths about the IELTS exam you must avoid: 

One should be proficient in English to crack the IELTS exam 

You might have heard this rumor many times from various people. If you believe this misconception, you are a fool. Not everyone knows English by birth, one excels in it with daily practice. If you also want to enhance your skills in English, you must put sincere efforts rather than believing myths and losing confidence. So, pull your socks up, start from the basics and steadily move to the advanced and proficient level. Show your love to learn new things such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and a lot more to be proficient in English rapidly. 

Use complex words to score more 

Believing this myth may sometimes lower your IELTS band scores instead of increasing them. This myth may work if you have proper knowledge of complex words, otherwise, it can lower your scores. Suppose, you are in the examination hall and attempting the writing section. Now you are trying to use more complicated words in your task without knowing their exact meaning and spelling. This way, you are making a number of flaws in your writing task in the haste of showing your proficiency. Would you achieve a target band score even after these blunders? A big no! 

The same thing candidates do in the speaking task and end up pronouncing wrong words. This further leads to fumbling and lowers their confidence level. So, it is better to use easy words if you don’t have exact knowledge of the complicated words. However, if you want to show your English language skills by using hard words, make sure to learn everything about these words such as meaning, spelling, verbs and pronunciation. 

Write more to achieve a higher score 

Don’t ever try to believe this myth. You need to follow instructions and if the instruction is given to write 150 words in the writing task, make sure to follow it. If you exceed the word count, you are not going to get extra scores for that. It will just waste your precious time and valuable efforts. Not only in writing tasks, but you also need to keep a check on your word count in listening and reading as well. If you are asked to give a one-word answer, don’t write the entire sentence.  

Only prepare through mock tests 

Just solving mock tests isn’t helpful for effective IELTS exam preparation. You need to understand the core concept to perfectly boost your English language proficiency. Suppose, if you memorize speaking answers from the previous year’s question papers and appear for the exam. If the examiner asks something different from it, what will you answer? You are surely going to be numb in front of the examiner. So don’t only rely on mock tests if you actually aim to excel in the English language. 

One can appear for the IELTS exam just once 

There is no limitation on how many times you can appear for the IELTS exam. If you fail for the first time, nobody can stop you if you want to appear again. Apart from it, if the validity of your IELTS certificate has expired and you want to appear for the IELTS exam again, you can easily appear in the IELTS exam as many times as you want. However, if you have some questions regarding the exam criteria of the IELTS or PTE exam, you can contact the finest source that provides the best PTE online coaching.

Summing up: 

To sum up, the folktales about the IELTS exam are not going to stop. These rumors are expected to increase in the coming future. However, you just need to avoid each of them to prepare well for the IELTS exam. 

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