Pakistan, US determination

Assistant US Trade Repr­e­s­entative Christopher Wilson stated that Pakistan and the United States have fixed to relaunch the procedure of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement; on Monday.

At the ministry of commerce, Mr. Wilson, who had a day-long session, stated that “both sides felt very productive discussion to relaunch the process since both the governments place a lot of value to TIFA” talking to a group of journalists.

Throughout this year, we are hoping to sustain this engagement at the US Trade Representative level and potentially; at the trade ministers level at the later part of the year.

He also declared that both the countries had not owned a lot of activities for several years under the TIFA contract.

He stated that the extensive agenda discussed both specific trade and market permit issues as well as the relationship between trade and labor rights issues while referring to the meeting. The meeting also examined the role of regulatory conventions; and how trade works between the two countries, he also added that statement.

Mr. Wilson, who is leading the US panel, stated that our visit is part of fortifying the trade and economic extents of the relationship between the US and Pakistan.

The US official added that we are looking onward to devoting energy; and creativity as to how we can extend that relationship to decode problems. Read more for additional details. Read more

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