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What is an IVR number and Mention some of the Best IVR Service Provider

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a very significant aspect of everyday business in the recent world. An automated telephony system that responds to the voice of the human and keyboard input with a pre-recorded message is known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The incoming calls are automatically answered by the IVR systems. And based on the customer inputs, it routes the call to the best-suited agent. Integration of IVR numbers into a business system helps in managing a large volume of calls as well.

The identification, segregation, and routing process of all the incoming calls are also upgraded making the call process of the business flawless. Moreover, customers can quickly find the answers to their queries without the help of any human assistance. This helps the agents from answering mundane questions leading to freeing up agents’ time and ameliorating their productivity. Businesses can easily scale up IVR numbers for on-demand with cloud technology without being worried about the added infrastructure and cost.

Features of IVR Number:

  • Multi-lingual Support: Customers are offered multi-lingual support, in Hindi, English, and other regional languages.
  • 24*7 service: Uninterrupted support is being offered by the IVR number 24*7 via recorded voice message along with the provision of instant query resolution.
  • Call Routing: IVR routes the call to the available agent that helps the customers by reducing the waiting time.
  • Customizable Menu: It enables to customize of the call flow with a menu that is categorized with various options of sub-menus helping the customers to navigate their registered queries.
  • Concurrent Calls: It helps in responding to an unlimited number of concurrent inbound calls at a time to lessen the customer waiting time.
  • Call Recording: IVR records every call in real-time, which can be listened to it later, maintaining a quality standard.
  • Add-On Application Integration: Business productivity can be maximized by integrating the telephony system with google sheets, CRM, and other important applications.
  • Built-in Text-to-Speech: The written text is dynamically converted into audio messages to align the message scripts with the need of the customers.
  • Call Barging/Whispering: IVR helps an active call to barge or whisper and leads towards ensuring error-free customer service by helping agents in handling customers.

Businesses leveraging IVR can spend less and deliver more. A few Benefits of IVR number are:

  • Auto-Attend Incoming Calls: IVR automatically answers incoming calls, and the customers are provided with detailed menu structures for self-help navigation.
  • Build Professional Brand Image: In every conversation with customers, the IVR number automatically greets the caller with a warm voice message that reflects a professional brand image.
  • Agent Productivity is Boosted: By eliminating everyday mundane tasks, agents’ productivity can be maximized and their energy can be invested in other high-value customer interactions.
  • Handle High Call volumes: With self-help and auto-receptionist options, IVR enables businesses to handle rising call volumes effortlessly.
  • Deliver Rich Customer Experiences: When the customer calls are identified, segmented, and routed to the most qualified agent, the customers can experience the richness of the service.
  • Offer Personalized Experience: IVR can enhance personalized customer experience through welcome greetings with their names while predicting their requirement based on previous conversations.
  • Easy to set up and Activate: A smart plug-n-play solution helps integrate the business existing CRM software for easy access.
  • Be Omnipresent: All the customer calls can be forwarded to agents’ mobile numbers as well as to landlines so that business calls can be managed from anywhere.

The Best IVR service Providers in India are discussed below:

  • Knowlarity: Knowlarity is the building block that helps businesses stay in touch with the customers efficiently over calls and SMS. It is one of the most trusted cloud telephony platforms that is being leveraged by more than 6000 organizations across 65 countries.

Features: multi-lingual support, 24*7 customer support, call routing, concurrent calls, customizable menu, call recording.

  • Exotel: It is another Indian company that provides Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Exotel provides a dashboard that has a virtual number-creation feature enabling you to add virtual numbers. Moreover, there are scripted automated calls providing the customers self-serving their queries, along with an inbuilt feature to look into the performance & analytics that helps in improving the businesses.
  • Fonebell: A comprehensive communication solution is offered by Fonebell, that helps in meeting customer expectations, and that sound’s professional. The on-premise communication tools are most reliable to establish smooth communication within the organizations to enhance business productivity.

Features: Audio conferencing, call audit and barging, automatic call transfers, call queues, unlimited queues, call recording, and so on.

  • Ozonetel: It helps build brands on intelligent cloud telephony solutions. Their significant offerings include cloud agent and brand agent that simplifies, redefines, and enhance the way to communicate, connect, and engage with customers.
  • WebXion: It offers a cloud-based IVR service at an affordable price by assuring that all the calls are recorded in real-time on their web-based call-log panel.

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