5 Pakistani Clothing Prints You Must Buy in 2022

5 Pakistani Clothing Prints You Must Buy in 2022

During the last few years, many trends in Pakistani designer dresses have come and gone. Trends that seemed promising and lasting eventually disappeared, while other ones that we could not have predicted arose in their place. So, in 2022, right now, it is the Rasmain collection by Shireen Lakdawala. So, who knows what the future holds? Then, what will be popular?

However, we can mention what is getting all the fame and the recent Pakistani fashion trends. In Pakistan, online clothing purchasing is getting more popular day by day, and we may anticipate our fashion sense to follow suit in the following years. Let us have a look at the five latest prints you must buy in 2022:

Floral prints

Floral prints are not a new trend, but they are more common than you may imagine. Flowy, flowery outfits are popular among females, but clashing floral prints with other patterns are popular among males. Floral is a flexible pattern that looks well on virtually everyone, and it is even better when matched with another striking trend like vibrant colors or animal print!

Animal patterns

Animal print has always been popular in both western and Asian societies. African tribes initially wore it to detect the presence of another tribe, but nowadays, it is worn simply because it is fashionable. Many Pakistani fashion dresses are made from animal-printed cloth, and many luxuries pret have beautiful animal prints created with thread and tilla. So, this is becoming more beautiful and modern.

Plain solid Shirts

Plain solid shirts are getting popular. It seems it has become easy to carry these types of designs. Big names like Shireen Lakdawala launched a few of her plain solid designs with organza dupatta.

Embellished lawn

Everyone used to wear heavy clothes to dinners and small gatherings, but now you may wear ornamented lawns to birthday parties and evening dinners. In addition, Pakistani designer dresses have produced a stunning lawn collection that women can wear to a formal event.

Rasmain collection

Rasmain collection has some unique designs, and the fabric is excellent. You can order 3pc and 2pc suits for your upcoming gathering and make the look ravishing with a pair of nice heels and earrings. The kind of prints the Rasmain collection has you can wear anytime, anywhere. The mesmerizing embroidery and beautiful handcrafted designs make the dress more desirable.   

If you enjoy shopping online, you should be aware of Pakistani designer dresses. Pakistan, like other countries, has a thriving fashion industry thanks to the growing popularity of Pakistani designer dress stores. Shireen Lakdawala is an online store where you may get incredible designs by simply browsing the website’s featured selection. Depending on the occasion, you will need to decide what kind of dress is perfect. For example, if you want to buy anything for a formal event, check through the formal collection, and if you are going to buy something for a casual gathering, look through the Rasmain collection.

Just get your hands on the trendy clothes of this season for Eid and make the most out of it. Whether it is a long purple shirt or blue frock, you must wear it confidently. Happy shopping!

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