In northest Pakistan dozens killed

For Friday prayers, at the Kucha Risaldar mosque, the explosion occurred; as worshippers gathered in Peshawar’s old city.

 In Pakistan’s northwestern, a powerful bomb has exploded inside a Shia mosque in the city; of Peshawar, killing at least 62 people and wounding dozens more, many of them critically injured.

In the Kucha Risaldar mosque, the explosion occurred as for Friday prayers, worshippers had gathered in Peshawar’s old city area. By the blast, more than 190 people; were left injured.

 For the attack, ISIL later claimed responsibility in a statement.

Peshawar police chief Muhammed Ejaz Khan stated that the violence started outside the mosque when two armed attackers opened fire on police.

In the gun battle, one assailant and one policeman; were killed, and; another policeman was injured. Entered the mosque, the remaining attacker then detonated a bomb.

As Naeem lives, the witness who; identified himself next door to the mosque.

Stated to Al Jazeera that first I heard five to six gunshots, and a huge explosion occurred, then I saw the suicide bomber enter the mosque. On the ground, the doors of my house opened with a bang, and I fell down. There was smoke, and when I entered the mosque dust, and people were lying in blood.”

Ball bearings were added the bomb disposal unit declared about 5kg of explosives used. To Lady Reading Hospital, ambulances rushed through congested biased; streets and took the wounded.

Also added is that we are in a state of emergency, and the wounded are being; shifted to the hospital. Police officer Mohammad Sajjad Khan stated that we are, investigating the nature of the blast, but it looked to be a suicide attack. For further details hit on the link.

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