Russian air attacks

As Moscow tries, Al Jazeera talks to Syrians who endured Russian airstrikes to advance its invasion of Ukraine.

In Syria, the footage of Russian missiles striking Ukrainian cities soon made the rounds, and by what he saw, Ahmad al-Khatib, a native of Aleppo, was stunned.

On Ukraine, He is going to go full Aleppo now, isn’t he?” al-Khatib, having lived through the days, asked in shock when the Syrian city was under intense attack. A few years ago, in Ukraine, it is crazy that what we experienced is being replayed almost frame by frame.

In the Syrian civil war, often seen as one of the most brutal battles, in 2016, pro-government forces retook the city of Aleppo from the rebels. By Russia’s rounds, hat bloody offensive was made possible of heavy aerial bombardment, such as hospitals, including targeting non-combatant facilities.

 Into the heartland of Ukraine, as Russian forces continue their invasion deeper and on urban areas; launch more intense airstrikes by the same military, Syrians are recalling; the horror from attacks orchestrated.

Al-Khatib stated to Al Jazeera that there were bombs and by the sounds of military jets flying, blood everywhere, and you sleep to and wake up over your head and then sounds of airstrikes. Also stated that houses were nodding, children were yelling, and we were all deferring for death.

In Turkey, speaking from his apartment wherein 2017, he moved, al-Khatib said by the Russian attack, at what he saw, while he was initially stunned, he was not particularly surprised.

 In Syria, we have been telling the world over and over that Putin is committing crimes, and he warned, Putin, is capable of much more than what is happening now. “It could get rough.” For more details click on the link.

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